Tuesday, May 31, 2016

What a week!

My husband and I aren't anti-social, but we definitely don't do much socializing. At our age and in our circles, people really just don't get together much. Or at least we don't. Maybe everyone else does and we don't know about it.

Or care. Heh.

ANYWAY … beginning last Tuesday, May 24, we've gone somewhere or entertained someone every day. Today we get back to normal.

I enjoyed all the activity very much. Moreso than I expected to, actually. My biggest anxiety this week was finding enough clean clothes that fit. Mission accomplished! And one outfit didn't even get worn, because I didn't have enough time to hem the pants.

You short girls will relate.

This week is much less frenetic. A dentist appointment tomorrow and a lunch meeting Thursday. Easy-peasy.

So … retirement reception, birthday dinner, scholarship banquet, three-day family reunion, and dinner with friends … CHECK!

Over and out.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

That was a nice little break

I can't quite believe it's been a month since I've updated the blog. Neither of you have missed it, or at least you haven't said you have. How about if I promise not to write about hip replacement surgery any more?

Today's my birthday. The big 65. I'm officially geriatric, although I don't feel like it. Even with a hip replacement, I don't feel old, or even oldER.

Time does, however, march on, and aging is certainly better than dying, at least when you feel good and are relatively healthy.

Google remembered my birthday with a special Google Doodle:
Starbucks has loaded a free drink onto my app and Ruby Tuesday's has a burger waiting for me. I could have gotten $5 off a pair of DSW shoes, but I don't need shoes.

That's one thing about getting oldER: My wants are way less important than my needs.

One thing I wanted, however, was for this birthday to be special. To be noted. My husband and children really don't make a big deal out of birthdays, but I made sure they all knew that this one was different. And they came through.

My children are taking me to see Bob Dylan in Nashville next month. Each time I see him in concert I think it may be the last time, since we're both getting up there in years (he's been geriatric for 10 years!). It's amazing that he's still touring and producing new music. I'm thrilled that I'll be seeing him with both my daughter and my son and his wife, and that I'll get to spend the weekend with all of them and their children. We seldom have the opportunity to all get together at the same time and place.

My husband offered me either a big party or a new computer. No question on that one … my old laptop has been slowly dying for about six months. I don't have the new one completely set up yet, but they've been talking to each other. A few more file transfers and the old model will be used for storing music and photos. He made this birthday very special.

My month-long blog break wasn't intentional. I'll be updating a little more often going forward. Because, you know, when you're old you have a lot of wisdom to impart. And a lot more time on your hands.

Thanks, as always, for reading.