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Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Neomonde happens to be the name of my favorite eatery in the Triangle area of North Carolina. I've visited the Morrisville location once, but am more familiar with the restaurant/market near Meredith College in Raleigh. I love Middle Eastern food, and I also love to prepare Middle Eastern food. Shopping there is a treat.

But I'm not here today to give a restaurant review. (However, if you live in the Triangle, I certainly do enthusiastically recommend a visit!) The word "neomonde" means "new world," and I think it's time for me, myself and I (and you, too, if you'd like to join me) to create a new world here in the Middle of Nowhere.

A dark and gloomy morning.
It's a dark-and-gloomy day, this day after Christmas. I'm not one who typically hits the stores for post-holiday bargains, so I'm not disappointed that the predicted freezing rain/sleet/snow will keep me home today. (The lovely silver and white paper I bought on sale last year remains protected in cellophane, in favor of this year's simple brown paper tied with red or green kitchen twine.) Being forced by Mother Nature to remain indoors is encouraging me to think about what I'd like my new world to look like.

First, last and always, it includes a new, healthy, fit me. Every end-of-the-year I (and, maybe, you?) vow that this will be the year to finally make it to that elusive goal, whatever it is. I know some of you have done it, and I'm envious beyond belief.

Not, apparently, envious enough to actually Do What I Need To Do To Get There As Well.

I alluded to what I need a few days ago. And, if I searched diligently, a few weeks, months and years ago. I simply must incorporate some kind of strength training into my routine. Being an all-or-nothing type, I automatically think this means I need to lift weights every day. And every time I jump in with that kind of brainless enthusiasm, I quit doing it. Sooner rather than later.

So here's what I'm thinking, as far as activity goes. What if I did a yoga session twice a week; lifted, lunged and squatted twice a week, and walked or used the elliptical as often as six times a week? It sounds unrealistic as I sit here typing and watching the rain lashing about outside. So far I've been the kind of mature athlete who has managed one physical activity daily. And sometimes that activity has been cleaning the house.

But this is a NEW WORLD. One in which my mind matters less than my commitment. My mind can fuck up my commitment in a New-York minute. It will take some planning, and some flexibility, and some willingness, and some perseverance. It will take a new attitude. It will take patience.

It will take working out AND walking on the same day four times a week. Ack!

I have time for that. I have more time than just about any other resource available to me. What I need is a matter-of-fact attitude. I know what I need to do and I need to Just. Do. It. No internal arguments, no bargaining, no excuses. I need to be a grown-up about this, instead of this self-indulgent old lady who struggles to tie her shoes.

Of course, I have expectations. I would expect that this type of consistent activity, coupled with a cleaned-up diet (I'll save that for tomorrow) would result in weight loss. Anyone would, right? My history, however, has shown that increased activity and sensible eating don't necessarily equal pounds lost. Therefore, since this is a NEW WORLD, I will banish those expectations, and embrace a healthy lifestyle for the sake of being healthy.

Oh, who am I kidding? Yes, I want to feel strong and fit, but I also want to look good and wear a smaller size. (Okay, I want to wear four sizes smaller.) No sense in saying otherwise. I have a lot more thinking to do about this – how will I measure progress, for instance. Will I be tracking and journaling?

Will I turn the blog back into a weight-loss effort? Not likely, although I predict a bit more emphasis on food-and-exercise reporting. And when does this NEW WORLD begin? I'm thinking … today.