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Stress eating …

or, How I Expect Too Much of Myself.

Today is my third day home from a traumatic trip to Florida. While the outcome of the trip ultimately was the best possible one – my father didn’t die – the stress of the 14-hour nonstop drive down, the waiting, the worrying, the not sleeping, the inevitable family drama, the two-day trip home and my everpresent still, small voice telling me how fat I am has taken its toll.

I’m quite a wreck. I want to eat everything, in sight or not, especially if it has salt in it. And I’ve also had ice cream on my mind for, literally, days!

I had to visit an Urgent Care while I was in the Sunshine State to treat a rash on my forehead that started spreading to my eyes. (If I were a True Blogger I’d have taken a picture of my little piggy face to show you just how bad it was. Believe me, if I went to an Urgent Care, it was bad!) I’m still on steroids for that, so I can blame some of my current agitation (and puffiness) on drugs.

My dad has improved enough that he can answer the phone in his hospital room all by himself. I call a couple of times a day; his wife usually is there to run any necessary interference (he still gets confused sometimes, and the pain meds he’s on tend to knock him out mid-sentence). When I called early yesterday evening, she hadn’t yet returned to the hospital. It was just him and me, and he was, frankly, talking kinda crazy. Said he was going home, he needed some rest, he wanted to take himself off all his meds and IVs and just let nature take its course.

My Husband the Shrink took over when I was just about to lose it, and we eventually called the nurse, who promised to go in and assure my father that there were other people in the 500-bed hopsital, that he wasn’t there all by himself, that he needed to stay in bed with an IV for a while longer and that his wife would be arriving soon. Which she did.

Turns out that his BUN is still elevated, which can cause confusion and crazy talk. The thing that bothered me the most, I think, is that he sounded perfectly normal while he was saying crazy things.

The post-drama found me wanting to eat and eat and eat. It’s a Good Thing I don’t keep crap in my pantry, although large portions of healthy stuff can be just as much of a problem when you’re trying to lose weight.

Bet you didn’t know that. Heh.

Anyhoo, I’m not sure when I’m going to get back on the straight and narrow. Right now just doesn’t seem like the time. I think I can do this most of the time, but if I don’t cut myself some slack, I’m going to end up in dire straights.

Or a loony bin.


M@rla said…
Girl, go eat some ice cream!

Maybe it's not right for me to tell you to do something you're trying not to do, but you gotta cut yourself some slack. You're not going to eat ice cream every meal for the next six months, you're going to eat a couple quarts of Ben and Jerry's over the rest of the week. No big deal, and a drop in the ocean when it comes to long-term sustained WL.

And I don't think it's disordered; everyone, even the skinny people, turns to food for comfort once in a while. Give yourself some ice cream now and I'll bet you avoid bigger, more serious, stress eating.
Grumpy Chair said…
I agree. Go drive to the dairy queen and get a blizzard. The nice drive with Mr. Knit.Run.Repeat. will do you both some good.

I am so glad the nurse was able to assure your father he wasn't alone.

I truly only eat ice cream maybe four times a year, so when I have that rare craving, I go to Sonic for one of their mixes. Now if I could only control the salt cravings, I might be skinny by now.

Thinking about you.
denise said…
I'm a little torn on this one. On one hand, I agree - you deserve a treat. On the other hand, I know how easily one treat leads to another to another and suddenly they're not treats anymore but the stuff you're eating all the time.

Unfortunately, I know this from first hand, recent experience. I don't even want to get started on my current eat healthy all day and then have half of a half gallon of ice cream for dinner trend!

Unfortunately, it started as a "I-deserve-a-treat-because-my-life-sucks-right-now" treat and has become a habit I haven't been able to break - despite a number of attempts.

No good answers here, but lots of sympathy for your situation. Keeping your home food healthy is a good thing. I agree with GC - go OUT and get an ice cream treat. Take it from me, bringing it into the house is a slippery slope. And, although you can certainly gain weight on too much healthy food, it's not nearly the weight you can gain on the unhealthy stuff!

In any case, hang in there and know that it will get better - with or without ice cream. And know that we're all thinking of you and wishing for the best possible outcome on all fronts.
Mary Gee said…
Oh dear. I only keep healthy stuff too, but I have a way of creating evil concoctions when I really want one. For instance, I can make a mean caramel sauce out of healthy things. And ruin perfectly good popcorn... but, oh dear, yummmmm.

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