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My passion for politics

Prior to 2008, I probably would have said my vote – in any election – didn't matter. How could one vote possibly make a difference? And who cared about my opinion, anyway?
Oh, I voted, don't get me wrong. My parents both voted (my mother stopped to vote on her way to the hospital to have my little brother), and believed it was important to vote and taught us that voting was not just a right, but a duty.

But my political passion didn't catch fire until six years ago (I'm a late bloomer), bursting into flame on this day in 2008, when Barack Obama became the first African-American nominated for the office of President of the United States.

Hindsight's 20/20, of course. We might have been able to delay the blatant racism we've been living with since his election, had we instead nominated the first woman. But we probably would have been dealing with blatant sexism. I fully expect a racist-to-sexist transformation when Hillary is elected in 2016.

I'm a middle-cl…

In retrospect …

While giving up the 1500-mile goal for 2014 was necessary, due to a very cold and low-mileage winter plus a hip problem this summer, I haven't felt terribly motivated to take that daily walk that was once so very important to me.

This is a recent development. The combination of a busy schedule and monsoon season are conspiring with my lack of motivation to make it perfectly okay to be a slug this month. I'm much more likely to walk every other day, and to only walk two or three miles, rather than my previous five miles daily, come hell or high water.
Graphics don't lie. And that broken one? That's the day the hip problem began. I thought I could go at least a mile, but only managed slightly more than a quarter mile.

So in spite of the fact that we've had a fabulous August so far, with cooler temperatures and reasonable humidity, I'm going to fall far short of last year (152 miles) and even far short of last month, in which I managed to average slightly more tha…

I suppose …

I should probably check in here, yes?

So the weekend was wonderful, although it really was just a Friday evening-to-Sunday morning timespan. The littlest guest told her daddy she'd like to stay for a week! She's a city girl, but I think being in the country suits her just fine.

And the rest of my life is pretty much the same: political stuff, health-and-fitness stuff, clean eating stuff.

Weekend eating was, um, less than perfect, but I'm following the 80/20 rule – giving myself a day off every week to 10 days IF a situation arises which is, um, less than perfect for following the paleo plan. However … Saturday's lunch and Sunday's evening meal were both off-plan. I guess that still falls within the 80/20 rule, but I felt pretty crappy Sunday night.

To counteract my indiscretions, I semi-fasted yesterday. Fruit salad and fresh salsa tasted great and this morning I'm feeling better. It rained all day yesterday (two inches!) so no walk, but I hope to sneak one in …

Company's coming!

We have to have guests every once in a while, or the guest room would never get cleaned.

It's my sewing room, it's where all the crafty projects get dumped mid-completion, it's where the printer (and paper and ink cartridges) live … in other words, I don't have a catchall drawer, I have a catchall ROOM!

It's neat now, though, since our guests will be here tomorrow.
I did a lot of inside tidying yesterday, and will mow the grass and sweep the front porch today. Fortunately we're not total slobs all the time, so getting ready for company isn't a BIG deal. I spend as much time menu planning as I do cleaning.

I didn't walk yesterday, because running the vacuum and mopping the floor (thank you, overflowing dishwasher, for that unexpected opportunity!) take more time and use as much energy. (I'm not sure about the energy expenditure statement, but it feels like it! And with a finite number of hours in which to accomplish things, something – walking, yeste…

It figures …

So. The day I post about not posting as much, I get an e-mail announcing one of my previous posts is going to be featured on BlogHer.

So if you're visiting from that link, welcome! I used to post every day but life has been getting in the way. And that post about Facebook connecting me with the outside world? Well, my connections with the outside world are keeping me Too. Busy. To. Blog.

At least to blog as much as I used to. Heh.

But it's all good.

Getting back on the nutrition-and-exercise horse is going well so far. I had the opportunity yesterday to fall into a pan of free pepperoni rolls, but I resisted. There was cake, too, which I also resisted. The meeting I went to was mid-afternoon, not one of my usual eating times. I had a couple meatballs, because I was a little hungry, but instead of dwelling on what I couldn't have, I enjoyed what I could.

Aaaaand … I took a walk yesterday morning before I went to the meeting. So, yay me!

The strategy session was all about GO…

Some things are falling by the wayside

As Election Day approaches – 86 days and counting! – my extracurricular activities are increasing. I feel like I've just started a job, and some of the things I used to do regularly, religiously even, are on the back burner.

I've abandoned photo-a-day. I still take photos most days, but I'm not following a list of daily prompts. Do you know how much time and brain energy this saves? It's not just going through my day thinking of a good subject, it's trying to think of a subject no one else will have thought of, because I'm competitive and want to stand out from the #fmsphotoaday crowd.

Then it's composing and taking the shots, because one is never enough, followed by editing (if necessary), captioning, hashtagging and, finally, posting.

It's exhausting.

I kid. It's not that hard, really, but all those steps in the process do take time. And lately my time has been spent elsewhere.

What's kinda cool is that I don't really miss it because I'…

Time to buckle down. Again.

My weight is creeping up again.

Abandoning my 1500-mile walking goal made it So. Much. Easier. to walk fewer miles, walk less frequently and just not walk at all.

Hurting my hip didn't help this week, but that doesn't even begin to explain the lack of will I've been experiencing this summer.

I spent last Monday morning at the sewing machine, creating a Frozen cape for my younger granddaughter, who is enchanted with the icy princess Anna. As I was walking down the hall from the spare bedroom to the kitchen, I suddenly couldn't walk without pain PAIN.

I spent most of the day resting, except for a meeting that evening. I spent all of Tuesday and Wednesday morning resting and the pain had almost completely gone by Wednesday, when I had another meeting to attend.

My husband insisted I rest yesterday so I would be comfortable going out for our delayed anniversary dinner. I mostly rested, taking a little time to put some ground cover plants in the ground. (I feel lucky they&#…

A happy day

Happy anniversary to us! My husband and I celebrate eight years of marriage today. We're delaying the dinner out for a couple days, due to scheduling conflicts. But we're not delaying the good feelings for finding each other and having the good sense to make a commitment. For today ... and for the past eight years and the 13 before that, when we were making up our minds ... I am grateful.

Dueling Democrats

I may have mentioned, a time or 10, that it's become increasingly difficult to be a West Virginia Democrat since President Obama became the party's nominee, and moreso still since his election. Twice. (A neighbor installed a tombstone in front of his house that read RIP USA on the occasion of President Obama's second victory. He took it down after the second inauguration, but his Tea Party flag went up.)
West Virginia Democrats apparently dislike my President so much that they would rather stay home than go to the polls. We were the only state where fewer than half the registered voters showed up to vote in 2012.
And we're poised to repeat that sad statistic this year, in an election that could have long-lasting ramifications for Mountain State citizens.
West Virginia will, for the first time, send a woman to the U.S. Senate this year. We're moving right along with that gender equity thing, aren't we? But it's kind of hard to tell the Democratic candidate …

Thank you, Facebook. Just … thank you.

This post has been churning in my brain for a few days. Time to let it out, I guess.

I am a social media junkie. Not Twitter so much, although I do have and use my account. But don't take away my Instagram, Pinterest, Blogger or Facebook, please.

Especially Facebook.

As both of you know, I live in the Middle of Nowhere. And if you know me in real life, you know I'm not kidding. Twelve miles to the nearest Tiny Kroger. Forty-five miles to a somewhat adequate mall. An hour to Sam's Club and it takes 90 minutes and crossing the state line to shop at Target.

Being so isolated took a real toll on me when I first moved here, 17 years ago. I'd lived in Columbus, Ohio, near many shopping and recreational and entertainment opportunities. I was plugged in to a social and support network that met all my needs and allowed me to give back.

And then I met a guy. A very nice guy, who also lived in Ohio but who was originally from southern West Virginia. And one day he moved back home…