Thursday, June 12, 2008

I did it. Sort of.

Thanks to all of you who, ahem, weighed in on my ice-cream obsession.

The first two or three days of the Florida trip were fine as far as meals went. Then I started needing something, one special treat each day. I won’t post the food porn here, except to say that ice cream was definitely on the list, and I didn’t ever get around to having any when I was there.

That one craving just kept lingering. When I went to the grocery yesterday I tossed a half-gallon of Breyer's Carb-Smart Vanilla into my cart. Ninety calories per half-cup serving, and no sugar.

With the price of gasoline these days, and the fact that going out for ice cream is a 24-mile round trip out here in the Middle of Nowhere, a $3 sundae now costs $7. And, yes, I'm worth a $7 sundae but I'm cheap thrifty by nature.

I really enjoyed my little dish of guilt-free ice cream last night. It helped that I hadn’t eaten much all day – it still amazes me how filling a morning omelette is. I forgot to eat lunch and had a Greek salad with grilled chicken for dinner. All in all, a pretty good day of healthful eating. And I really don’t feel like I need to dive into the rest of the half-gallon any time soon.

Thursday is my weigh-in day. I was going to skip it, but decided to just, oh, what the heck, hop on and see where I was after a week out of town. I’m very happy to report that I stayed the same. I’ve lost five pounds in one month.

I’m still knitting, too, of course. I worked on sweaters for the triplet grandsons while I was in Florida and went as far as I could before I needed yet another needle I forgot to pack. Then I decided my younger granddaughter needed a doll for her birthday next month, so I started my favorite pattern a couple nights ago. It will be finished in plenty of time for her party.

If any of you knitters are addicted to eBay looking for yarn, I have three auctions up for wool right now. Probably not a great idea trying to sell wool when the the 90-degree temperature matches the 90-percent humidity, but hey … I’ve never been much of a salesperson. Heh.


G.G. said...

Glad to see you don't seem to be feeling as stressed. Hope things with your Dad get better!

And the ice cream craving--have to wonder how much the heat had to do with it (especially that lovely FL June heat+humidity).

ws said...

could you stop the ice cream talk already? now I'm going to go waste 20 minutes of my life staring into the freezer case wondering what flavor to buy.

Mary Gee said...

Gotta love ice cream.

Last week some regulators came to the hospital and I mentioned knitting in some off hand way... one of them was a big knitter, so we talked knitting. She wanted to see what I was working on... I didn't have anything to show her. But then one of my co-workers handed me the felted paperclip bowl I gave everyone for Christmas last year (thanks to your bowl recipe, which I shrunk) I showed it to her and we bonded as only knitters can! Thanks!