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Moosejaw - my new favorite outdoor gear shop

Do you know about the outdoor gear company called Moosejaw? I only recently learned about them because they had a super-duper sale on Vibram Five Fingers.

They're having a big gift-card promotion right now, and I'd like to share with you their disclaimer:

Some uninteresting rules about the Free e-Gift Card thing... It's just one free e-Gift Card per order. So if you order two $261 items you still only get one free $51 e-Gift Card.If you order an item and get the free e-Gift Card and then return the item but don't return the e-Gift Card, we'll deduct the amount of the e-Gift Card from your credit. Sorry to be so mean about it.Qualifying item value is after any other applicable discounts and before tax and shipping charges.I love crunchy Peanut Butter.The deal cannot be combined with other promos, is good for in-stock items only and cannot be applied to prior purchases.Excludes products from Patagonia,Yakima, Western Mountaineering, Baby Jogger, Merrell, VIO, Scarpa, C…

The End.

If you were hoping I was referring to the end of the blog, you'll be disappointed.

No, no, no, rather it's the end of NaBloPoMo, you silly goose. (I'm channeling my four-year-old granddaughter. Heh.)

The hardest part of this exercise was not, surprisingly, coming up with new material every day. I suppose living in the Middle of Nowhere, having little face-to-face contact with others and having lots of time on my hands contributes to the ease with which I can fill a blog post. I will readily admit that I'm better at quantity than quality.

It takes a certain bit of ego to just write about whatever pops into one's little head and assume it will be interesting/entertaining/informative/not-boring to both of you who eventually read it. Or, it takes no ego at all, if you think no one is going to read it. My older granddaughter was extremely surprised to learn that I've kept a journal for years when we played WhooNu last month. Whether it's for myself or published …

Mass delete

And I'm not talking about Massachusetts' Mitt Romney, although I probably could be.

I don't check my e-mail much when I travel, so by this morning there were 600+ messages in my inbox. I searched for "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday" and reduced the clutter to slightly more than 400.

Wish I could clean my kitchen that quickly!

Okay, so here's what I think about some of the waxing and waning GOP candidates. Disclaimer: This analysis is incomplete and definitely not in-depth. I haven't studied and my news sources lean to the left.

So Mitt. Certainly looks presidential, in a wooden Al Gore or John Kerry kind of way, but like all the rest of them it appears he'll say what he thinks you want to hear. The DNC has produced commercials highlighting some of his more egregious flip-flops, including lauding President Obama for incorporating some of the Romney health-care ideas into the abomination known as the Affordable Healthcare Act, and then promis…

Home sweet home

After hours and hours of driving, including solid, bumper-to-bumper traffic for one of those hours, punctuated by a trip to Sam's Club (where I meant to buy three bags of regular coffee but picked up decaf and I meant to buy paper towels but instead loaded toilet paper into the cart and WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?), I slept for 11 hours last night and feel like an old woman. Heh.

Anne commented the other day that my blog is about a lot of things, not necessarily just What I Am Doing Today. And it is. I'm all over the map. I like it that way, and hope you do, too. I will say, however, that when I write about politics, especially, it's usually because I have some deep thoughts or strong opinions about something that's just happened.

You may notice the absence of deep thoughts or strong opinions about the Occupy movement. It's not because I don't stand (figuratively) with the Occupiers. I believe in making a statement if you have something to say, and they are absolute…

Getaway day

So, here I am on a major northbound highway which has turned into a parking lot for the time being. I don't know what lies ahead. Accident? Flashing blue lights, which inevitably encourage rubbernecking?

More than likely it will be nothing at all, or at least nothing I can see or label.

My head aches, I'm hungry and home is still two hours away. Or three, at the rate things are going. I want to be home.

At any rate, the slowdown has provided ample opportunity to add another post for this month. When life gives you lemons ...

Sent from my U.S. Cellular BlackBerry® smartphone

To lay down my (virtual) pen

Oh, how I would love to not have this obligation today. I'm not obligated to you, not even obligated to NaBloPoMo. I'm obligated to me. I made a promise and I will keep it. Thirty days. Every day. A daily blog post, no matter what.

My travels are nearly always to visit the not-so-far-flung members of my family. I'm able to drive to my destinations within a few hours, and I don't dislike the driving, especially when I've popped a good audiobook onto the iPod.

My current visit has been lovely and fun and relaxing.

My problem with not wanting to write when I travel is that the other promise I've made to myself is to not write about them – the family members – here. I'm not sure what kind of blog this is – it doesn't fit so neatly into a weight-loss or running or foodie category, though it began, years ago, as a way for me to document the eternal losing of the lard. I know what kind of blog it isn't, though, and it isn't one where I share my childre…

Turkey (Day) wrap (up)

I'm spending the weekend with family, and decided to travel on Thanksgiving morning rather than fight the Wednesday night traffic. The irony of listening to an audiobook called The Man Who Couldn't Eatas I headed toward a Thanksgiving feast was not lost on me.

It didn't stop me from enjoying my dinner, and I didn't overeat. One small serving of each side dish, a slice of white meat and a small piece of turtle cheesecake for dessert. More calories than I usually eat for dinner, but who's counting on Thanksgiving?

The remainder of the weekend looks like lots of fun, too: a tiny bit of Black Friday shopping this morning, a walk this afternoon (hoping my heel is completely healed), and some quality time with my younger granddaughter this evening, while her parents enjoy a night on the town.

She and I will be shopping for supplies to make these adorable little tree ornaments, and we'll spend the evening crafting. We're going to make a lot of them so she can shar…

Thanks …

for reading, commenting, sharing, helping, giving me so much more than I can give in return. You bloggers and blog-readers are the best. I look forward to writing every day, even on the weekends during this most wonderful time of the year.

Thanks …
for helping me through some tough, tough times and cheering me on when the load got lighter. And I'm not just talking about my weight. Heh.

Thanks …
for inspiring me to knit more, plant more, cook more, eat more. I'm just not reading the right blogs to be inspired to run more, but I did order some of those Vibram Five Fingers thingies, so maybe I'll get inspired. (They were super-super cheap at Moosejaw Outlet.)

Thanks …
for encouraging me to take more pictures and to post them here, on Facebook and on my 365 blog. You didn't even know you were doing that, did you?

Thanks …
for introducing me to your favorite bloggers. I love linkfests (and should do more of them myself).

Thanks …
for technology, for without it, I never woul…

An attitude of gratitude

I've missed three consecutive weeks of showing up for my volunteer gig at the nearby federal prison, but felt well enough to go in last night. (If you've only recently started reading, I help facilitate an AA meeting at a women's prison every Tuesday evening.)

For the past several years, we volunteers have encouraged the inmates to share what they're grateful for during the Thanksgiving week meeting. The first year we did it, I was a little worried. What could someone stuck in prison possibly be grateful for, especially when their Thanksgiving dinner was going to be eaten far from their homes and families?

I was surprised and touched by the shared feelings then, and I have been every year since. It's my favorite meeting of the year. I was so grateful not to be coughing, sneezing and sniffling my way through the meeting.

Many of the women don't care to speak at the meeting, so anyone is permitted to pass. There were about 80 women in attendance and the first thr…

And speaking of peppers …

Fox News's Megyn Kelly last night declared pepper spray to be "a food product." Oh, yes, she did. I don't watch it, but it's all over Facebook and the internets. And if you're wondering why everyone is talking about pepper spray, under what rock have you been living? And may I join you?

Final harvest. I think.

There's still some green parsley out there, which I may or may not cut and dry. If not, then yesterday's project was, indeed, the final harvest of 2011.

I bought a six-pack of jalapeno pepper plants in the spring. One plant would have been plenty, but they were available in six-packs for, oh, a couple bucks, probably way less than that. I stuck them in the garden and watched them grow. And grow. And produce dozens of peppers per plant. More peppers than I can use and more peppers than I could give away.

I let them go from dark green to chili-pepper red, picking the nicest ones and leaving the remaining plants in the ground. I'll get rid of them next spring. That's the kind of fall gardener I am: If I can't deal with it right away, it'll be there next year. Kind of like dust bunnies under the bed.

So these peppers have been sitting in a basket on my porch for a couple months, not rotting but not drying, either. Yesterday I decided to move the process along and m…

Indoor crops

Today I am inspired by a post I read last week on Faith's blog, Gracefulfitness. Faith wrote about forcing paperwhites indoors, something I've never tried. I love the fragrance of those delicate flowers, as well as their cousins, daffodils. But I like the look of them outdoors, so I planted 50 daffodils over the weekend near the edge of a little pine grove at the far end of our front yard.
My indoor gardening is, of course, food. Because that's how I roll. (And if I don't quit coughing and don't get some energy back so that I can begin walking again, I will – literally – be rolling. I'm at the waddling stage right now. Kidding! I haven't gained a pound since I got sick. Un-effing-believable!)
So. Back to my indoor garden. The light was lovely the other day and I took lots of pictures of the current crop. Only one plant is purely decorative; the rest are producing fruit and herbs. In the case of the lime tree, lots o' fruit! See?

The spider plant, in the…


My husband said it was the best horseradish he'd ever eaten in his whole life. Heh. It's pretty amazing stuff, actually. Much more pungent than the kind I usually buy at the grocery.

Harvesting and processing horseradish

I suppose this is another of those "why bother" crops. Why bother growing horseradish if you seldom eat it? Why bother processing something that you can buy for about a buck at the grocery? Why go to the trouble, why use up the garden space, why, why, why?
I probably wouldn't have ever even looked for horseradish root to grow if my late father hadn't suggested it. He thought it would be a wonderful addition to my garden and had great memories of growing it as a boy on their little truck farm. He told me how to turn it from a big old root into the smooth, creamy condiment you use on pork roast and beef and in cocktail sauce and (my favorite) deviled eggs.
After he died, I made it a mission to find some. I asked the Amish, but they don't grow it. I couldn't find roots from any of my usual seed sources. One day I was wandering around our little local department store – kind of a mini Wal-Mart – and there it was. A cardboard box with three little roots of horser…

And while I'm waxing political …

isn't it about time for a good protest song?

Government by committee

Do either of you U.S. readers have any confidence in the so-called Super Committee that is supposed to come up with a plan to reduce the deficit and get this country back on a secure economic path?

Yeah, me neither.

I haven't waxed political here in quite a while, but I was recently re-elected president of our local Democratic women's group, so I guess I ought to be paying attention. (I do pay attention, I just don't write about it much.) Our group is committed to electing Democrats at the local, state and national level, and we'll get to do a lot of that in 2012.

I hope.

Tea Party Republicans have been nothing but obstructionists. Moderate Republicans are afraid to challenge them. Blue Dog Democrats are feeling their power increase and We The People are left to wonder who the hell is in charge.

President Obama needs a Democratic Congress in order to create jobs, improve water and air quality, reduce the deficit and provide more nutritious school lunches to low-income …

Friday Quote Day

Wishes change nothing. Decisions change everything. ~ Anonymous
Any one of us who has written a weight-loss blog for any length of time could have spit out this week's quote. (I've neglected Friday Quote Day this month, for no real reason other than I've had Other Important Things to say. Heh.)

I started Friday Quote Day as a way to not have to come up with an idea, a theme, to write about at least one day a week. Fridays were for posting an inspirational and pithy line or two and just riffing off it for a few paragraphs. Sometimes I remained inspired by the quote for several days. Sometimes I couldn't remember it an hour after the post was published.

The quotes which have made my refrigerator cut have nothing to do with weight loss or fitness or achieving goals. I've posted thoughts about anger and anti-consumption and service, such as:
"Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants." ~ Esther De Waal "Life's most persis…

A chill in the air

Tornadoes in the south. Snow in the midwest. Rain and storms in the Pacific northwest. And here in the Middle of Nowhere? Chilly!

It's 39 right now, with a high of 40 predicted for today. And more rain. And snow (but no accumulation, thankfully).

My husband hates cold weather. Cold weather is so reviled around here that there has been talk, should we come into a pile o' cashmoneybucks (Publisher's Clearinghouse, anyone?), of buying a second home somewhere south of here. Or even of moving altogether, although I can't ever imagine him leaving southern West Virginia for good.

It's a lovely dream. I'm not as uncomfortable in cold weather as my husband is, but I certainly remember how wonderful it was to walk on a sunny Florida beach near my dad's when it was 75 degrees while West Virginia was snow-covered and freezing.

It's not fun to knit in warm weather, though, if you like knitting with wool, as I do. So a day like this is most welcome. Now that the newsb…

I'm in love with this hat

I just wish I could remember what book it came out of. My copy of the pattern doesn't even have a page number on it.

To recap (heh, get it? Recap?): Eight triangular sections are knit separately and sewn together with the seam on the outside, for that grungy look. You then pick up stitches along three sections and knit a bill. Knit an identical separate bill piece and sew it to the attached one.

Yes, I'd rather knit than sew, and there's a lot of sewing to this little project. But I think it's worth the effort. There's no way you could get this look by knitting in the round.

Whaddya think?

At the half

NaBloPoMo is half done, can you believe it?

While my posts this month have been, um, less than inspired – how many ways can one say one is tired of sneezing, coughing and blowing one's nose, after all? – I haven't yet felt like I needed to use one of the daily NaBloPoMo prompts. I've looked at a couple of them, but when I tried to formulate a thought worthy of committing to blog, it felt too much like an assignment.

Easier just to tell you how tired I am of sneezing, coughing and blowing my nose. Heh.

(My son has informed me he's going to collect a dollar from me every time I use "heh" in an e-mail to him. Heh. I like "heh" better than "haha," "LOL" or smiley faces, but he, apparently, does not.)

I've been thinking about Christmas the last couple of weeks. How could you not, when every retail outlet has been stocked and decorated since before Halloween? Maybe next year will be the totally handmade Christmas of my dreams, but …

Sometimes it's not so great being right

I was right about what I thought would happen if I called the doctor. They wanted me to come in, they agreed that there are a lot of patients being seen with lingering colds and they completely understood that sitting in a waiting room of hacking, coughing, sneezing people probably wasn't going to aid my recovery.

So my husband went to Rite-Aid and brought home some Thera-Flu, which seems to be quite effective. I predict that by Thursday (the 14th day), I shall be completely back to normal. Which I probably would have been, Thera-Flu or no Thera-Flu.

I did a lot of knitting and Mad Men watching yesterday, and it was so much fun that when I woke up – wide awake – at 4 a.m. I did it again. I only have five more episodes of Season Three and all of Season Four to go. New season begins in January, I think.

And I only have to finish sewing three more pieces together to complete the top of the newsboy cap. However, I think it's going to be too small. Not too small to go around my gra…

A little mid-day inspiration

I read about this guy in Runner's World yesterday. I'm putting it here so I won't forget about him. And so I won't think I can't do something equally awesome.

Guess what!

I'm not going to bitch about my 11-day-old cold this morning! (I'm calling the doctor, but I don't expect any magic cures.)

I ate a small serving of this most delicious bean-and-sausage stew last night around 7 p.m., and then rinsed and put my dirty dishes into the dishwasher. As I gazed into the racks, this thought occurred to me:

My husband does not know how to load a dishwasher.

The larger soup bowl he had used earlier in the evening was tilting haphazardly in the top rack. The ladle was rinsed and sitting on the counter, after he had already asked me where it was supposed to go.

In the lower rack were a plastic cup and a plastic storage container and three coffee mugs.

My son-in-law can load three days' worth of dishes into a dishwasher with room to spare. How did my husband miss this particular skill?

He has plenty of good qualities, believe me, but he's not very detail-oriented when it comes to household things. (He's a retired physician and was very deta…

Still coughing, still sneezing, still miserable

Enough is enough. It's been 10 days today since I first started coughing. I'm so grateful to not have a sore throat, that was the worst part. But I'm so tired of coughing and blowing my nose and sneezing and just feeling drained, drained, drained.

Our little visitors and their dad left yesterday afternoon. We all had a wonderful time, except me, because I couldn't hug them or kiss them or play outside with them. They didn't seem to notice, they're three-year-old boys, after all, and I was not the center of their world. But we seldom see them, and I really wanted to be feeling better when they came.

I really want to be feeling better period!

My wealth health insurance doesn't cover doctor's office visits, and what can a doctor give you for a cold that I'm not already taking? Antibiotics won't help, just time and rest and chicken soup. If I really thought going to the doctor would make a difference I'd pony up the cash, but it's just. a. c…


When I was growing up, you had to be 21 to buy liquor. Turning 21 was a Big Deal, although certainly I'd consumed alcohol – beer, wine and the hard stuff – long before I reached the magic age of 21.

Today I'm turning 21 again. It's been that number of years since I had my last drink of alcohol. In this month of gratitude, my sobriety is what I'm most thankful for, and I pray it will always be so. You can read my story here.

I learned quickly in Alcoholics Anonymous that to ensure success I needed to find a sponsor, someone to guide me through the 12 steps, to challenge me when I needed to be challenged and to share her experience, strength and hope with me. I had two sponsors very early on before I met Carolyn, who was to be my guide, friend, mentor and sponsor for the next 18 years.

She was sober 35 years when she died almost six months ago. She frequently said she wanted to end her life as a sober woman, and she did that. She also passed from this world leaving a per…

If we all spoke binary,

today would be 21. And today would be the last date we could use the old binary numerical system to come up with a value for a set of numbers.

Who cares, right? But seriously, 11/11/11 isn't going to happen again until 3011. I hope I remember to pause at 11 a.m. My grandfather was a WWII veteran and, while he wasn't the jolly, nurturing grandfather one would have hoped for, he did serve his country and brought back some very cool souvenirs from the Pacific theatre that I was able to share on show-and-tell days at school.

What would make me forget to pause at 11 a.m.? Well, I'm still getting ready for the triplet grandsons' visit. The oatmeal cookies are made and tonight's dessert is ready to assemble. The big job remaining is to steam-mop the floors, and I'll get started on that as soon as publish this post.

I'm very tempted to write a novella this morning, to postpone the mopping. Heh.

We're having minestrone for lunch (already made) and beef stew for …

Blah, blah, blah

How's that for an exciting title?

So far my energy levels are not rebounding the way I'd like them to. I'm lucky to still be married. My husband spends the evenings by himself in front of the television, while I toddle off to bed as soon as the dishwasher is loaded.

I'm so tired of being tired. And sick. This is the eighth day. A message to my cold: Be gone!

When you spend your days just getting the necessary things done – laundry, meals, minimal cleaning – and you sleep 10 to 12 hours nightly, there's not much to write about. I'd love to tell you how much progress I've made on my grandson's knitted cap but zero isn't much.

He just got a cellphone and I'm really enjoying his daily text messages. Young people prefer texting to talking, I wonder how that's going to affect relationships in the future?

We're having company this weekend, so I need to clean and menu plan and, since three of our guests are three years old, make some kind of tre…

Cold comfort

Check. This. Out.

This was the first good meal I've eaten in almost a week. Most of last week I was helping someone move and there was, literally, no food in the house. I take that back. In the refrigerator was a bottle of non-dairy coffee creamer and a jar of mustard. The pantry had the basics: flour, oil, cereal (pretty useless without milk). And we were so busy we didn't much think about eating.

(Don't you love it when you're too busy to eat? I do!)

Also, when I'm sick I don't much like to eat. I'm not in the "starve a fever, feed a cold" camp. I'm just in the "ewwww, food, take it away" camp.

But I'm starting to feel better and my husband certainly deserves a good meal now and then, so I sucked it up and cooked a Real Meal last night. It was hot and spicy (good for stuffy sinuses), slightly sweet (from coconut milk, mmmm) and just plain delicious. And so simple. How could it not be? The "recipe" is printed in 4-poin…

Note to self:

Next time you transfer the contents of a cardboard box of oatmeal into a large, attractive, clear glass container, remember to snip the directions for actually making the oatmeal from the original package and insert it into the large, attractive, clear glass container.

For the record, one cup of water and a third of a cup of dry oats worked out just fine.

I store dried beans in large glass jars and always pop the empty bag in the jar so the cooking method is at my fingertips. Why didn't I do this with the oatmeal? Probably because I use oats to make things like oatmeal cookies or oatmeal bread, rather than plain old oatmeal cereal.

This morning, though, a bowl of hot oats topped with a little brown sugar and a spoonful of peach preserves sounded comforting and perfect. And it was!

How I wish I felt better. I realize a cold is going to last a week or seven days, whichever comes first, and I have a couple more days to go, but I am so tired of being sick.

I was up yesterday morning f…

When life gives you lemons …

you take 'em!

When I told my husband I was bringing home a lemon tree he said we could start making 7-Up, since we already have a lime tree. Good thing we have sliding glass doors instead of walls in our living room, because citrus needs lots o' light.

Aren't they pretty?

These fruits are all that remain, as I left some in Tennessee. But there will be more, I'm sure of it. Everything I've read about Meyer lemons (and this may be a Meyer after all) indicate they can take some abuse, which it surely has had the last few days. A little fertilizer, a little water, a lotta sun and I expect it to be full of fruit in another six months or so.

The lime tree has more limes than I can count, but they're very tiny. I don't know what variety of lime I have, though, so maybe they're supposed to be tiny. And I just found out today that limes are orange when they're mature; limes are picked before they're fully ripe.

My miserable cold moved to my head overnigh…

Just keep driving, driving, driving

If you've seen "Finding Nemo," today's post title will seem familiar.

I've driven 2000 miles in the last three weeks. I'm heading back home and cannot WAIT to get there. I shall go directly to bed without passing Go and without collecting $200.

I did, unfortunately, collect a very bad cold, and would give anything to be teleported home instead of having to just keep driving.

I also collected a lemon tree that wouldn't fit in the new house. The tag on the little stick it was three years ago identified it as a Meyer lemon, but they look like plain old (big) lemons to me. I'll try to remember to post a photo tomorrow.

I'm at a rest stop right now, about a fourth of the way home. When I'm finished resting, it'll be back to just keep driving. Which has nothing at all to do with knitting, running, reaping or eating, but ya gotta work with what ya got when the NaBloPoMo idea is to just keep writing.

Sent from my U.S. Cellular BlackBerry® sm…

Wow, what a workout. Part Two.

Modern houses, those built in the past dozen years or so, have high ceilings, reflected most noticeably in the kitchen. Oh, that vaulted cathedral ceiling in the living room looks good, but it doesn't affect you unless you have to change the bulb in the ceiling fan/light combo.

Kitchen cabinets appear to be mounted at least a couple – maybe even as many as six – inches higher from the countertop than mine were 30 years ago. And said cabinets go up and up and up.

Yesterday's workout, therefore, involved lots of stretching and climbing as we unpacked half a million (okay, 500) kitchen boxes. This woman can cook!

First I had to measure, cut and place a million square inches of shelf liner. Then it went like this: Zip open a box, retrieve the contents and put them on a counter, determine placement, grab a stepstool, lift, stretch, deposit, repeat.

Zip, retrieve, place, grab, lift, stretch, deposit, cough, hack, ouchwhat'sthatburningfeelinginmychest, repeat.

I started coughing …

What a workout!

Okay, so I got up yesterday at around 6 a.m. to get ready to drive to Tennessee.

Actually, that's a lie. I got up at 2 a.m., but not because that's when the alarm went off. That's when the phone, which is on my nightstand, rang. After three rings, I finally fumbled the handset off the base and sleepily said, "Hello."

I'm not one who panics when the phone rings in the middle of the night. I'm more likely to be annoyed. Especially when the woman on the other end said, in a slurred Southern drawl, "Is Eustace there?"

I'm also not one to be polite at 2 a.m. when I have to get up at 6. "No, you have the wrong number."

Before I could hang up, she said, again in that syrupy drawl, "Well, then, is Verna Lee there?" If Eustace wasn't here, I was pretty sure Verna Lee wasn't either.

I wanted to tell her to put the whiskey away, but I said, more firmly, "No m'am [oh-so-politely], you have the wrong number. And it…

Salad days

I frequently have a meal-sized salad in warm weather, but relegate them to the side during fall and winter. During October, though, when I was creating the habit of eating three meals a day with no snacks in between, I had a lunchtime salad almost every day. Come to think of it, many years ago, when I lost about 50 pounds and got down to a size 6 (yes. me. a size 6.), I ate a daily salad at lunchtime.
Anyway. The salad we had last night with our grass-fed beef burgers and oven-roasted "fries" was delicious, and hit the spot for freshness and flavor. I don't like and won't eat a bland lettuce-carrot-onion salad dressed with something gloppy from a bottle. And I don't mix the dressing and pour it on the greens in individual salad bowls.
My ritual is to tear the greens (organic romaine, usually) into a largish bowl, add whatever goodies I'm adding (last night was a handful of toasted walnuts, some Craisins and an onion from the garden), top it with cheese …

The dawn breaks

I love my house early in the morning. Actually I love my house anytime, but at this hour of the day, when the sun is creeping up over the eastern mountains and the western ones are still dark silhouettes against the sky, it's just dreamy and lovely and still and quiet and perfect. And I love it.

There's so much promise in the dawn. Anything could happen today – I could even predict some of the events which will certainly break this early-morning stillness – but right now it's calm and peaceful and pretty.

As is customary after a trip, I have hundred of e-mails stacked up on the computer to go through. I have a little bit of freelance work to begin. I have to pull something out of the freezer and figure out what to make with it for dinner, and what to serve beside it.

I have to find time for intentional activity (that's what I like to call exercise, it has a more positive spin to it in my mind) and laundry and a game of Scrabble with my husband, who has missed me the pa…

A month of blogging

National Blog Posting Month begins today. How do the holidays sneak up on me like this!?!

This will be my first year participating in the exercise to publish a daily post for 30 days. Including weekends. I don't have much trouble, unless I'm busy or out of town, throwing a post up Monday through Friday, but I take the weekends off, for the most part. So this will be interesting.

I also will be traveling in November a couple of times, and being away from my own little computer space always throws me off. I have, in fact, been traveling today, which is why your usual dose of Knit. Run. Reap. Eat. sunshine didn't show up at dawn.

It's not too late if you want to join more than 1000 other regular bloggers in making a daily writing commitment. Clicking the link at the top of the page or the badge at the right will send you to the website where you can sign up. Saturday is the cut-off date to be included in the blogroll.

Should you get stuck for a topic, you can take advanta…