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History, right before our very eyes

I said in a Facebook post this morning that this week has been amazing, but not very graceful. Except that part on Friday afternoon when the President of the United States of America sang Amazing Grace at Clementa Pinckney's funeral. (What a wonderful celebration of a life well-lived and too-soon-ended that was.)

We've lived through an awful lot of history. For me, the list includes (not in chronological order):

Man on the moon. Berlin wall coming down. Civil Rights Act passed (and I think today we know that passing a law doesn't necessarily change minds or hearts). The assassination of President Kennedy (who was this country's first Catholic President). Bob Dylan's first album release (you knew I had to get an historical Dylan reference in there, AM I RIGHT?). The election – twice – of an African-American president. The closest thing to health care reform I'm likely to see in my lifetime (I think Medicare for All will someday be available, hopefully for my gran…

A Lucky update

Our friend Lucky is less than 300 miles from Katahdin, Maine, on his hike of the Appalachian Trail.

He's in New Hampshire, but has just 16.5 miles to get to the Maine border. Here's his most recent entry. It's more of a placeholder; hit the "Previous" link to read full journal posts.

Experienced hikers say that the last 20 percent of the Appalachian Trail is 80 percent of the work, and it sounds like Lucky agrees.

My walks continue to get slower. My hip never really doesn't hurt these days. I'd hoped that getting back to solid paleo eating would help, but it doesn't. The only consistent thing about the pain is that it's almost completely gone after a night's rest. I don't have much trouble first thing in the morning, and so that's when I take my walks.

It's been so hot, that morning also is the best time, temperature-wise, to be outdoors.

Yesterday I cut back all the weeds in the herb-garden circle, covered the bed with compost and…

Been a while. Sorry about that.

I really just want to post pictures of puppies
and baby goats
and kittens. (Did you know there was a subset of kitten pictures on Google Images called Kittens With Guns? ACK!)
I'm still walking, still eating mostly primal/paleo, still knitting the never-ending pullover. And still wishing something would happen to bring the country together, in a good way.

I think I'm going to be waiting for that for quite some time.

Facebook has been my rant-and-rave outlet lately. If you follow me there and you're tired of it, feel free to block me. I just can't keep it inside. But I also don't want to alienate either of you who are still reading the blog, so … puppies! Baby goats! KITTENS!

It starts with food

The Food and Drug Administration said yesterday that the food industry has until 2018 to eliminate trans fats from food. The New York Times has a good wrap-up of the decision here.

At least it was a good wrap-up, until this:
Saturated fats are still an enormous problem in the American diet, and health experts emphasized that Tuesday’s action should not give consumers a false sense of security. Saturated fats raise the level of cholesterol in your blood. The general consensus is that high cholesterol levels lead to heart disease. In my opinion, that's what the makers of cholesterol-lowering drugs want you to believe, and they'll go to the ends of the earth to protect their profits.

If you do a Google search for "eating saturated fat," you'll find the information YOU want. If YOU think eating saturated fat is bad for you, you'll find a credible, peer-reviewed article to back you up. If YOU think consuming saturated fat is less of a problem than Big Pharma think…


If I made my living doing presentations like I did yesterday, I think I'd be very happy. The fun part was creating it. Actually presenting was kind of nerve-wracking – I've never watched a presentation that went 100 percent smoothly, and mine was no exception – but it went.

We had a pretty good turnout, and the feedback was positive. Now to see if any of these club leaders actually follows up and begins using social media.

Part of our meeting was also watching Hillary Clinton's campaign kick-off speech, and it was so fun being with a room full of like-minded people! It reminded me of the early Obama campaign. We had house parties for lots of major events back then. I'd love for that kind of enthusiasm to catch fire again. Honestly, though, Clinton doesn't have the spark that Obama did.

She certainly (in my opinion) has the credentials and experience to be President, though.

I was SO TIRED when I came home yesterday. Being "on" took more out of me than I&…

Making up for lost time

Two weeks sick in bed means lots of stuff went undone. Plus we had the exterior of the house painted this week. I feel like updating the blog has been last on the priority list.

And there IS a list! It's been very satisfying to cross things off as they're completed, especially the Keynote project. (P.S. I LOVE KEYNOTE. Love it, love it, love it.)

When I added it to the list, I also added percentages, because creating a presentation like this isn't something you can knock off in an afternoon or two. When I crossed off 80%, I felt really, really good. I knew it would get done, and I knew it would get done on time. I wrapped it up three days ago and have been rehearsing it.

Here's the thing: I've never done anything like this before. In previous jobs and volunteer positions, I've never been required to present a couple hours' worth of information to a group of people who are expecting good, solid content. In my job, I was always a worker bee. Volunteer posts m…

Wonder of wonders

I'm dressed. For the first time since May 27.It's gonna be a good, good day.

Hanging on

Damned cold.

I'm hanging in, not on, the damned cold is hanging on and, from others' experience with it, it'll be here for a while.

The grass, however, won't wait another day. I have to mow today whether I feel like it or not.

I actually am a little more comfortable sitting or standing than I am lying abed reclining, so maybe it'll be fine. Hoping the anticipation is worse than the reality when it comes to riding around in the grass for three hours.

I'd also thought I might take a very short walk. Maybe a mile. Or maybe to the end of the driveway and back (which is a tenth of a mile). Heh.

When I do venture outdoors for a bit, I'm overwhelmed with how fast the weeds have grown. Yesterday when I had to go to the garage for something, I noticed what I thought was a volunteer tomato plant in the asparagus bed. That's not unusual. But upon closer inspection, it's flat-leaf parsley.

How weird is that? A gift from the birds, I suppose.

Now that I'm up…

On the mend

But still sick.

I talked with the nurse in my doctor's office yesterday, who said unless my fever reached and stayed at 100°, I should continue to rest, hydrate, and use OTC cold medications to relieve the symptoms.

In other words, I have a really bad cold.

They say a cold lasts a week or seven days, whichever comes first. This is the eighth day. That's how I know it's a really BAD cold.

My drug of choice is Alka-Seltzer Cold & Cough Formula. That stuff works.

My exercise of choice is walking from my bed to the bathroom and back. Yesterday I made it all the way to the laundry room. Because, yes, the laundry must go on.

My food of choice is whatever sounds good at the moment my stomach starts growling. NOTHING tastes good. Food has no flavor whatsoever. And I've been known to eat dinner at 9 p.m. because I simply wasn't hungry at 5 or 6 or whatever passes for a "normal" dinnertime.

So odd.

I've not been following the paleo/primal plan, simply becau…

When we last met …

I was healthy. Ish. Last Wednesday I wrote a blog post, checked e-mail, worked on the Keynote project, cooked dinner, visited a friend in the hospital, and went to an AA meeting.

Since then? Blah. In SO many ways.

I've managed to keep up with the e-mail, and I've continued to work on the Keynote, at least a couple of days. I've been sick, sick, sick, and apparently there's Something Going Around. Or at least that's what my husband reported when he came home from church yesterday.

Thursday and Friday were upset-stomach days. And no-energy days. And playing-lots-of-Scrabble-on-my-phone days.

Saturday I felt congested and tight in my chest. I began coughing. It hurt. Reallyreallyreally hurt. My throat hurt. I couldn't talk. By last night I was running a fever.

Sometime in the afternoon, though, my throat didn't hurt as much and I could talk, although I'm still quite congested. And sneezing. The fun never stops.

So basically I've spent four days in bed,…