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Friday Quote Day

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said:
“We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing, while others judge us by what we have already done.”
That’s why you leave comments telling me what a great job I’m doing or, in the case of running, have done, while I still feel like a slacker. I know I can do better – especially with my workouts – while you see an overweight, middle-aged woman who’s run three half-marathons.
Sometimes, rarely, when I’ve done an insanely hard workout, I feel like I’ve reached my capabilities, even stretched them. But here’s the thing: My weight-loss history includes about six months of insane workouts to reach an insanely low weight goal which I maintained for – get ready – an insanely short period of time. And what I learned from that is something Jonathan frequently says: Don’t do anything to lose weight that you aren’t willing to continue doing to maintain it.
(I’m paraphrasing, Jonathan – feel free to correct me if I got it wrong. Also, the link wouldn’t work this mor…

Soon, soon, my pretties …

Yes, soon, you’ll be getting a break from my drivel. That can mean only one thing: My dad is going home!

He’s been either in the hospital or in a rehabilitation facility for six weeks. He’s at the point now where the therapists have done about as much as they can do, and he can follow up with outpatient therapy as long as he wants to. So they’re springing him Monday morning.

I’m heading south tomorrow, but stopping along the way to visit my son and his family. My trip can be open-ended, if need be, but the plan right now is to return March 1.

South Beach Phase One is done, over, finis, ended and did I say done? I lost a total of five pounds, 3.5 the first week and a disappointing 1.5 the second. I never thought I’d be tempted to stay on Phase One, but I am. With this trip, though, I think it’s unrealistic to continue that strict regimen. Besides, I’m going to Florida! Where fruit is abundant!

So I’m celebrating the end of Phase One with steel-cut oatmeal for breakfast. With cinnamon. And …

Can’t. Think. Straight.

I’m feeling a bit incoherent this morning, so here are some bullet points to summarize what’s going on:
Today is my last day of South Beach Phase One.I am, after all, a little apprehensive about adding grains and fruit to the diet.Yes, it’s a diet, albeit one I can live with comfortably.The inmates at the prison where I volunteer think there’s something in the stimulus package for them. If there is, I can’t find it. I’m thinking funding for transition programs, job training, that kind of thing. Anyone out there know of anything solid and for-sure?Our weather has gone to hell in a handbasket. Lovely spring day yesterday, back to winter today.Interval training burns tons o’ calories – kick the incline up on your treadmill one lap out of every four and you’ll see what I mean.I didn’t knit a stitch yesterday. Not one.Mostly because I have a graphic design project that’s (happily) taking up lots of otherwise free time. (I’m doing a newsletter for a garden center and we are bartering my work…

Knitting? Running? RepEATING!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know this blog is called “Knit. Run. Repeat.” I feel like I should apologize for the past two weeks of almost exclusively writing about eating.

The knitting continues, although with a great deal less enthusiasm than at any other time in the past 20 years. My friend Nancy, who died late last year, was my knitting buddy. Before she got sick we had daily conversations, either by e-mail or by phone, about knitting: yarn, needles, projects, ideas, progress (or lack of it), problems. She would have loved the poufs I gave to my two older grandchildren for Valentine’s Day. She would have made them for her grandsons.

I’m nearly done knitting a felted bag (you can get the pattern here). I don’t think I’ll add the little doo-dad decoration to it, but I will add all the pockets, although knitting the pockets is the fiddly part and I’m in more of a mood to do mindless, don’t-think-about-it knitting lately. Hence the poufs. Heh.

The running has stopped completely. I haven’t run sin…


I woke up – wide awake – at 3:30 a.m. After half an hour of trying to relax and go back to sleep, I got up, made coffee and sat down with my copy of The South Beach Diet. Again.

I have both the original and the “Super-Charged” editions, because I just can’t get enough SB. Heh. I picked up the original, glanced through the food list for Phase One and saw that no dairy is permitted.

No dairy?!? I’ve been eating fat-free plain yogurt about every third day for breakfast (with freshly ground cinnamon and an ounce of toasted walnuts – yum!).

I clearly – clearly – remember reading that fat-free yogurt and milk were permissible on Phase One. Turns out I was right: That food group was expanded in the revised version.

Thus the “Whew!” title for today’s post.

Nothing much has been happening except I continue to cross off each complete day of Phase One Hell, and look forward with great anticipation to Thursday, when I may begin eating fruit again, along with – occasionally – brown rice and sweet potat…

Friday Quote Day

We become
what we think about
all day long.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

This may be my theme song this year; thinking good thoughts does not come naturally for me. That’s one of the reasons my photo blog is subtitled “Good Stuff.” The photos aren’t especially good, but I’m trying to find something good to remember – and think about – every day.

Thoughts about one’s surroundings, environment, 401K, family, body – oh, yes, we all think about our bodies – can take different turns, depending on circumstances. Our moods are sunnier when the sun shines; it’s difficult to imagine a lush garden out where that patch of mud is when the sky is grey and rain is falling.

I’ve been conditioned this past year to feel good about the future when the stock market is up, and depressed when it’s down. You can guess how moody my life has been, can’t you? I know I’m not the only one, but I live an isolated life, and spend lots of time thinking about me-me-me. My contact with the outside world is minimal, and filtere…

One week down …

I took a photo of my February calendar page for today’s 365 post. I’ve been X-ing off each day of Phase One as if I’m counting down the days to my release from the big house. Not a very positive attitude toward something that is obviously good for me and seems to be working.

I weigh myself every morning and despite a gain from yesterday to today, the total loss for this first week was 3.5 pounds. Not too shabby, especially for someone who is normally thrilled to lose 3.5 pounds in a month!

Mostly I feel great. Yesterday I felt my energy plunge and I was hungry a lot, but that was after three days of almost manic activity, so I guess it shouldn’t have come as a surprise.

We experienced quite a change in the weather beginning early yesterday evening. A very strong storm came through with little rain but a great deal of wind. Two tree feel across our road, one from our property and one from our neighbor’s. The wind was so strong that we fled from the second floor of the garage to the house,…

When your mind is forced to wander

I woke up this morning with a sore throat and the back of my neck is killing me. I can't turn my head to the right for some reason. I’m sure it's meningitis or a brain tumor or something equally dramatic.

I probably just slept wrong.

Here’s something you probably don’t think much about: forced meditation.

When I left for my three-mile walk yesterday at noon, my husband said he would be leaving within half an hour to go for his six-miler. He drives to his location; I take a left at the end of the driveway.

It occurred to me, about a quarter mile down the road, that he might lock the house when he left. I said to myself, “Surely he’ll realize I don’t have my keys when he checks to see if they’re where I always toss them.”

Yeah, right. I should have turned around – retracing a quarter mile takes less time than, oh, sitting on the porch for an hour and a half waiting for him to come home.

I thought about going for another walk, but I was thirsty and tired and, okay, lazy. I picked up so…

How I diet

This is just me, I’m sure, because none of you are as crazy as I am, right?

When I’m working hard at losing weight – all right, all right, when I’m dieting – I am obsessed with the next meal. I noticed this the first time I began following a “real” plan (which was Weight Watchers when I was 21 – 36 years ago). How else do I roll with a diet?
I read cookbooks instead of magazines to lull myself to sleep at night.Breakfast for the next three days is already made.Snacks – sugar-free Jell-O and ricotta cheese mousses – have overtaken the refrigerator.My day revolves around mealtimes.Scrubbing two bathrooms is not the same as walking two miles, so I do both.I get cranky when my husband grabs a handful of trail mix every time he walks past the pantry.There are more behavioral changes, but you get the idea. Nothing is as important as what, when and how I eat. It’s almost like I think I’ll never get to eat “good” food again, so I damned well better not miss any of this diet crap.

Perhaps it’s ju…

No sand in my shoes!

This South Beach plan seems to be working. Duh. It's worked for so many others, why wouldn’t it work for me, if I work at it?

Of course, it’s only been four days for real, not counting the almost-two-week trial period I was on in January. Four days of no sugar, no bread, no crackers, no starchy vegetables …

or, to put it another way, four days of taking care of myself.

I haven’t felt particularly hungry and by yesterday my energy level was much improved. I thought I might keel over before the sun set Saturday, but I think I just need to remember to eat before I go for a two-hour walk.

My husband and I took his mother out for a birthday lunch yesterday at a local state park which offers a sumptuous Sunday brunch buffet – a dieter’s delight, lemme tell you. I managed to eat only salad, roast beef au jus, sautéed squash and green beans, passing up quite an array of food porn which I won’t even describe here. The only sugar-free dessert they offered was Jell-O. I passed.

I’m now down six p…

Friday Quote Day

There will never be a day
when we won’t need dedication, discipline, energy,
and the feeling that we can change things for the better.
~ George Sheehan

I should have read this quote yesterday, which was, all in all, one of the suckiest days I’ve had in recent memory.

Except for the food. I was so angry, frustrated, busy and anxious that I forgot lunch completely. I should write a book: The Skip-A-Meal Diet!

Ah, well. This, too, shall pass. I’ve been saying that a lot lately, along with the Serenity Prayer and the little kids’ chant: “Okay, then, I’m just going to run away!”

Today promises to be another one of those days.

The new doors I bought Wednesday had to be returned yesterday because they wouldn’t work, meaning I have to use the old (ugly) doors that have been here for 30 years. This is good in one way and one way only: The old doors don’t cost anything.

(I wish I could get all excited about “repurposing” like those designers on HGTV. I must confess, though, that I really, really wanted …


I promise I’ll try to write something coherent and positive tomorrow. I’ve already chosen the quote. It’s been pretty crazy around here – messy and emotional. I hope to be back on track soon. Crazy doesn’t work so well for me.

Grrr x3

Okay, I’ve known about Leopard for a long time now, but really didn’t have any reason to upgrade my Mac’s OS. When Apple offers a great deal like their new Mac Box Set, though, it’s hard to resist.

The box came Monday, I installed it yesterday and I completely screwed up my e-mail program today. Just now, actually. So on top of a boatload of other frustrations, add that I can’t receive e-mail at the moment, nor probably for the next couple of hours.


I forgot to mention Monday how much I loved the Super Bowl halftime show. I was in the audience for one of Bruce’s original “Born to Run” tour dates back in the ’70s, so listening to Tenth Avenue Freeze Out and Born to Run in a concert setting brought back some great memories.

A super Sunday

What a great game! (The Super Bowl was last night, in case you’re not a sports nut.) I didn’t care who won, and had darned good reasons to root for both teams, so the outcome didn’t matter to me.

Reasons to root for the Cardinals:
Larry Fitzgerald, the hottest wide receiver in football pantsKurt Warner, the oldest QB in football pantsCuba Gooding Jr., who played for the Cardinals in Jerry MaguireNot only have they never won a SB, they’ve never played in oneReasons to root for the Steelers:
Troy Polamalu, the hottest strong safety in football pantsBen Roethlisberger, the fattest QB in football pantsMike Tomlin, the youngest coach in the NFLI live in WV. The Steelers are “our” team. See? I couldn’t lose! Heh.

Best commercial? IMNSHO, it was this (I hope this works!):

The weather gods gave us a hint of spring yesterday. One of my weather widgets reported the mid-afternoon temperature at 65, the other at 57. Either way, it was a good day to back away from the treadmill and head outdoors. My hu…