Wednesday, September 7, 2011

And the grand total is …

3.2 inches. That's the amount of rain that has fallen since Monday morning.

Reminds me of May, when all I wanted to do was go out and throw seeds in the ground. Now I'd like to get out and clean the garden up (well, not that I'd really like to, but you know what I mean) and there's no way that can happen with all the mud.

We're getting a bit of a break today, and maybe even the rest of the week. Chance of scattered storms, temps in the low to mid 70s, should be nice for outdoor walking, if not for garden maintenance.

Hershey, with her best
worried look. She always
looks worried about
September is a busy month around the Middle of Nowhere. My husband and I are getting ready to go to our annual AA retreat in Kentucky. So many good memories from these events over the years. In addition to the many friends we've made, we got our little dog Hershey on one of those trips.

Next weekend I'll be attending the state convention for our Federation of Democratic Women. We then have a free weekend to get ready for guests who will arrive September 30. And in between we have football and new fall television (Harry's Law is moving to Wednesdays this season, first episode is September 21 at 9 p.m.) and making a Halloween costume (my four-year-old granddaughter wants to be a bride) and knitting.

I like to cook more when it's a little cooler, and I like to walk a lot more when it's cooler, so expect to see more posts about healthy food and fitness in the future. You know it's time to do something when your yoga pants are beginning to feel uncomfortable.

A year ago this week we were entertaining my dad, his wife and her cousin. As I recall, he spent Wednesday of that week in bed nearly all day. We'd worn him out! I was getting ready to have a big Thanksgiving dinner the next day. They left to go back to Florida Friday morning, but he didn't make it out of West Virginia. They stopped for brunch and he died as soon as he got back in their RV, in the parking lot of the restaurant.

I'm glad I'll be at the retreat this weekend. (We obviously didn't go last year.) It will be good to remember him there, surrounded by sober friends. I still want to call him and send him pictures and tell him about the garden and his grandchildren and their children. And I sure miss talking politics with him.

We'd have a lot to talk about.

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gingersnapper said...

What a pretty doggie. She looks so soft!

I'm so sorry about your father, and glad you are sharing these memories with us. I lost my father 15 years ago, and I still think of things I want to tell him. There's such a feeling of aloneness when you lose a parent, that person who knows and understands you so well - even if you don't necessarily get along, there is no denying that closeness; it's the person who has always been part of you, literally from the moment of conception.

And I'm glad you're going to the retreat, I know it was a big loss to you when your sponsor died.

I can't offer comfort, but I'm glad you're coping.