Monday, March 18, 2013

Some things change

My weight, apparently, is not one of them. At least not this week. Hope springeth eternal, and I shall keep on keepin' on because, really? What choice do I have? Besides, I tried the jeans on again and I actually could wear them out of the house. Not comfortably, but at least I could zip them without a major effort.

In order to incorporate the Irish feast into yesterday's caloric parameters, I had to hearken back to my youth and eat like a kid again.

On special Sundays when I was little, our family would have a light breakfast, go to church, drive about an hour to my grandparents' house and have a large mid-afternoon meal. We usually saved dessert for "later," after Daddy and Grandpa had napped and Mom and Grandma had cleaned the kitchen. We got home after dark and went straight to bed, without supper but certainly not hungry. And we didn't think we needed to eat again just because we'd skipped a meal.

So I punched all the numbers into LoseIt! and our mid-afternoon meal, with dessert (which we ate later), came out to 861 calories. Coupled with a modest breakfast and a three-mile walk I ended up WELL under budget, and not hungry at all.

I predict a loss for next week, even factoring in that I'll be gone over the weekend and not making my own meals. Like I said in the first paragraph, hope springeth eternal. Heh.

The Easter projects are nearly done. I had some leftover egg-shaped pieces of scrapbook paper from the banners, and decided to use them on the inside of the cards. A cute way to present a little money treat, don't you think?

Thanks for all your encouragement, it means so much to me. I'm finding myself thinking all weight loss, all the time, and it gets to be a heavy load after a while. I'd love for it to be more about health and fitness and less about pounds lost, but that takes a little more mental fortitude than I can muster right now. You guys are great cheerleaders when this quarterback is looking for a receiver to throw to and has to scramble for the line instead.


Vickie said...

cards are adorable. I can't remember if I told you, but loved the banner too.

I did exactly what you did on vacation last week - ate two meals a day which gave me more flexibility and it worked well for me too.

Once you figure out what you need to do for your body, it does not involve nearly as much thinking/figuring. If you can apply what you learn, then you just have to DO.

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jen said...

If clothes are fitting better, your body composition is improving, even if the scale doesn't show it. And I can vouch for how a bigger/saltier meal can mess with your scale mojo.

Roni had a great post today about embracing the process. That is what I'm trying to do!

denise said...

Great news that the jeans fit. Now THAT'S progress!

Love the egg-shaped money envelope. Very clever indeed.

I was only down .2 this week - but very grateful than that based on how well...errr - NOT well... I was eating. Need to step back from sugar again, but once you let it in, it's hard to shake it off!

Debbi McNeer said...

Thanks, Vickie, and thanks for all the experience you share here and elsewhere.

Debbi McNeer said...

Yeah, I was a little worried about the salty corned beef messing up today's result. It wasn't a big surprise. Will go check Roni's post now. I'm more of a process knitter than a product knitter (I like the act of knitting whether it produces a useful object or not). Would be a good attitude to cultivate!

Debbi McNeer said...

I want a new scale. If I could see that I was knocking off tenths of pounds instead of always staying the same, I might be more encouraged. But I don't want to BUY a new scale. We are a two-scale household as it is, and sometimes that's two too many! I'm proud of you, and we can step back from the sugar together if you like!