Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Feeling my age

I can set my own schedule at the garden center, since we're only technically open for business on the weekends. I'm there during the week to water plants, and if someone sees the gate open and stops in, I'll be happy to sell them what they need, but I don't have to be there at a certain time.

That said, I like to get there earlier rather than later, to avoid having to water when the sun is high overhead. Most of the plants are in full sun by 10 a.m.

I didn't make it until 11:30 yesterday morning. Wow. Was. It. Hot. And sunny! A few clouds rolled by, but the sun was mostly relentless and the threat of rain remained just a threat.

In addition to dragging the hose around in the hot sun, I waited on a lot of customers. I was surprised to see so many people there on a holiday; it's not like we were having a sale. And nearly everyone who came in bought something, so I feel like I earned my wages on Labor Day.

(By the way, did you see or hear House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's Labor Day message? He said: "Today we celebrate those who have taken a risk, worked hard, built a business and earned their own success." Excuse me? Labor Day honors WORKERS and UNIONS, not business owners. If you're from Virginia, please tell me you're not voting for him. PLEASE.)

Okay, I'm back.

So four hours after I went to work I was back home and exHAUSTed. The sun really takes it out of this old lady. Our Labor Day dinner was a repeat of Sunday's rice/beans/salsa because I was too hot and tired to light the grill. I hope y'all enjoyed your barbecues. I was happy with leftovers and a nap.

The Democratic convention begins tonight. I'll be taking another nap this afternoon so I can try-try-try to stay up for it. IF I manage to stay awake for all three nights, I'm pretty sure I'll be done knitting the blue sweater, and it will be ready to put assemble. There are four seams to sew: center front and back (the sweater is constructed from cuff to center) and the sleeves. I can then add a lower border and some collar trim and it'll be ready to wear.

Hoping the weather cools off about the same time.

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Winnie said...

I fell ill on Sat afternoon in the city as I was in the farmers market and hauling around stuff in the heat. I nearly went down for the count (has happened before..) After hrs in the city waiting for hubby's play and commute, got home at nearly 3 am. I am officially "old" as I was spent for Sunday. I stayed home and cooked all day.

I hope you are able to watch the convention! I will have it on while I am doing my evening chores after dinner etc.