Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's here, it's here!

Some of you may remember my writing about Anna Hess, who homesteads with her husband, Mark, in southwest Virginia. Anna was offered a book deal last year and today her book, The Weekend Homesteader, has finally arrived.

This is my favorite page:

If you read the text and photo credit closely, you'll see MY NAME!

I thought the photo was going to be tiny and in a sidebar, and I didn't expect Anna to provide details on how Debbi composted her way through the winter of 2011-12. But whoomp, there it is, on page 27. The whole page!

I'm sure the rest of the book is just as wonderful as my page is. The book is subtitled "A Twelve-Month Guide to Self-Sufficiency," and offers plans and projects throughout the year to help you depend less on stuff you buy and more on stuff you grow or make.

Whether you're a full-time homesteader or trying to eat better by growing some of your own food, Anna has advice and projects to help. Order your copy here.


denise said...

So cool - and to think, I knew you when... Now that you're famous, I hope you won't turn your blog over to "your people" and leave us bereft... ;-)

Seriously, that is very cool. Congratulations on getting your own page!

Anna said...

You're far too kind! I really loved your idea and thought it fit the Weekend Homesteader theme perfectly --- simplifying gardening even more. Thanks for letting me include it!