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If it is to be, it's up to me

While many people are beginning to implement their New Year's resolutions today, I started a week ago, and I'm really glad I did. Those extra days of clean eating and daily activity (I logged a mile yesterday, which was my rest day) are going a long way toward improving not just my sense of physical well-being, but my mental attitude, as well.

While I want 2013 to be about getting fit and healthy, I want it to be about more than that. I want to lighten my life. I want 2013 to be about shedding the unnecessary STUFF that clutters my mind, my home and my hard drive. Heh.

I began this morning by unsubscribing from some of the Facebook Groups I've become disenchanted with. I'm a liberal, yes indeed, but I want to be a nice liberal. I don't want to begin this year with, as one moderator put it, an "evil grin" because the Senate passed a fiscal cliff bill with overwhelming bipartisan support. Why should the grin be evil? I'm baffled by people who think that way. If anything we liberals should be sending thank-you notes to the Republican Senators who got on board and did the right thing.

And we should be writing to the Speaker of the House, suggesting that he round up the necessary votes  in Congress, and begin working for We The People. (I did.)

I went through a period earlier this year where I was downloading every free song iTunes and offered. I didn't listen to them first, I just added them to my collection. There are a couple of keepers among them, but seriously, not that many and nothing I can't live without. (Except the Killers' Mr. Brightside. Can you believe that was a freebie?) Deleting music I don't listen to will go a long, long way toward freeing up some space computer space.

I have no plans for the extra space. Photos are posted to Instagram, no need to keep them on my phone or computer. I've been saving recipes and knitting patterns as .pdf files, but they don't take up a lot of space. And I'm not saving lots, only items I really think I'll knit or food I really think I'll eat.

Much of my house is in good shape, but my closet and dresser are stuffed, jammed, overflowing. It's way past time to deal with clothes. My favorite sweatshirt is literally falling apart, while half a dozen others are folded, unworn, in a drawer. Why is this one my favorite? Because it doesn't have ribbing at the lower edge. It falls straight, like a tunic, and has vents at each side seam. I want to deconstruct it and make six more because I haven't found any like it to buy.

HAVE I DONE THAT? Well, no, because I'm always wearing it! It's time, though, to finally make a pattern from it, to get rid of the other shirts I don't wear and to wear what I like. Not just what fits. Not just what I already own. And not just shirts.

Going along with that, it's time to toss or give away what doesn't fit and what I don't like. We all make wardrobe mistakes. No sense crying over spilt milk or spent money. Someone will benefit from these clothes; they're not doing anyone – especially me – any good where they are.

So. Clean eating. Clean hard drive. Clean closet. Sounds like a plan.

Happy New Year.


denise said…
Sounds like a wonderful plan. I need to do all of the same things (except the sweatshirt pattern - I have several that I like, and I don't sew in any case).

Happy New Year!
Kati Smith said…
"I'm baffled by people who think that way. If anything we liberals should be sending thank-you notes to the Republican Senators who got on board and did the right thing."

Right on, Debbi! You are a TRUE progressive, and I am so glad that we have connected. It gives me great hope to read these words that you have written.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said…
That's funny, one of my resolutions was also about Facebook, and the internet in general. I want to spend less time - no time - on sites that make me crazy.

I have a ton of free books on my Kindle. I don't know if I'll ever go through them! There's a forum on Amazon where people post about which books are free. It's usually on a daily basis. I can't seem to resist something that's free, even when I don't want it!
jen said…
Great resolutions! Could you alter your other sweatshirts,to remove the bottom ribbing?
Debbi McNeer said…
That's a great idea to alter a current sweatshirt by removing the ribbing. I hadn't even thought of doing that, but will definitely try it. I'm a little concerned that it might end up not being long enough, the ratty one I love so much is not only straight like a tunic, it's long, as well. Thanks for the idea!
Debbi McNeer said…
Thanks, Kati, I think it's great that our sisters were the ones who "introduced" us.
Debbi McNeer said…
I have tons of free books on my Nook, too. I figure they're not taking up space I need for something else (as the music on my computer is), so maybe - someday - I'll get around to reading at least some of them.

Of course, that could just be rationalization.
Debbi McNeer said…
Happy new year, Denise! Let's compare notes in a month or so ...
Audrey Humaciu said…
I am a moderate that tends to lean conservative. We may not see eye to eye on some issues, but I LOVE that you wrote to the Speaker of the House. Some people just whine about issues, but you were proactive. Washington and Sacramento (in my case) don't know what we think if we don't tell them.
denise said…
I would recommend trying to maybe open up the ribbing rather than remove it. I cut off the ripping of a sweatshirt once and then there was no way to keep the remaining part of the shirt from rolling up all the time. Nonetheless, it was for many years one of my favorite "around the house" sweatshirts. I cut off all ripping - the bottom, neckline and sleeves. The only part I ever regretted - and that was just a bit - was the sleeves which were wide enough to get in the way when doing dishes etc.

Of course, someone who knows how to sew like you do might have a way to mitigate that issue.
Anonymous said…
This sounds like a great plan for the year. Clutter is stressful for me, and I probably need to make a similar plan.
Winnie said…
Happy New Year Debbi. Sounds like some great ideas for the New Year. For me, I find that Facebook can drain me sometimes. I like to go on and say hello to family and friends and keep it light, as some get a bit crazy and negative to the point that it drains me. Back to work today, I just hope I can keep my "don't stress too much" attitude the entire day.
Debbi McNeer said…
I do my share of whining with no action, but I've written to the Speaker a couple of times and I'm sure my name and number pop up automatically on my Senators' and Congressman's phones! The advantage of living in such a small state is that I actually *know* my elected representatives, especially my Congressman. And he's very responsive.
Debbi McNeer said…
Hope you have a great day, Winnie ... I'll be thinking of you as you head back to work!

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