Tuesday, December 3, 2013

About last night

I continue to be amazed and somewhat puzzled by the effect this paleo way of eating has had on my appetite.

And I'm not just talking about hunger.

I don't know about you, but my appetite begins in my head. Used to be that the weather or my mood or being with people or being alone or being mad/sad/glad alwaysalwaysalways triggered a desire to eateateat. Anything would do, but the sweeter and carbier the better.

One of my deep, dark secrets is that I used to mix up shortening, flour and sugar into a cookie dough-like glob and eat it with a spoon. That habit began when my oldest child, who is now 42, was just tiny. It had something to do with having my own kitchen, instead of playing in my mother's. But it had something to do with being a very lonely, very young mother.

Now, though – and believe me, I never expected this – as long as I stick with protein, vegetables, fat and fruit, I have NO desire for starchy carbs or sweets. I've been sticking with protein, vegetables, fat and fruit since April, and have had many opportunities to fall off the rails. The only time I've eaten off-plan was when I made a deliberate choice to do so.

Last night, for example, the buffet began with huge fluffy yeast rolls. I got my plate and utensils and walked a tiny bit further to the mixed-green salad. (There was cooked rotini in it, but it was easy enough to avoid.)

I had a piece of chicken, a tiny piece of roast beef and a couple large servings of Italian green beans, but passed on the mashed potatoes and gravy. And I didn't look twice at the variety of cakes at the end of the displayed food.

My food was delicious. It most likely wasn't pastured beef or free-range chicken, but I'm not that strict even at home. I do eat pastured, grass-fed beef, but haven't yet committed to expanding the budget to buy free-range fowl. I certainly don't expect it when I'm out.

Back to my appetite: I didn't miss a thing. I didn't feel deprived or sorry for myself or different or special or, well, anything. I noted what was available (thanking the planners silently for not choosing an Italian caterer!) and then I ate what I wanted.

No big deal.

But a HUGE deal compared to how I ate and how I approached a food free-for-all pre-paleo.

In so, so many ways, this is definitely the plan for me.

So I'm curious. Does your hunger begin in your head or your stomach? Do tell ...


Kati Smith said...

"Does your hunger begin in your head or your stomach?"

Good question. I have never wondered about it before.

You've got me thinking now, Debbi.

MadAnne said...

I don't even think I am hungry. I think I just eat.