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What a difference a year makes

Well, not quite a year. My last post was February 5, 2018. I could have waited another week, but who's counting? Actually, who's even reading any more? I joined Weight Watchers (recently reincarnated as simply WW) in May of 2018, and have continued to follow the plan ever since. It's the most practical and doable nutrition plan I've ever experienced. You can literally eat anything you want. When you track it in the handy-dandy WW app, you'll know if you've gone over your daily point allotment. Thus, it makes sense to track it before  you eat it. I haven't had spectacular success, but the weight losses were steady until the holidays. I began WW doing online only, but switched to workshops early this month, and joined with a friend. Double the accountability. I'm still walking (and still wishing my hip replacement didn't prevent me from running), still hating my dentures, still taking photos (but not as many nor as frequently), still mostly e

Again with the failed intentions

This is the last I'm going to write about failed intentions. Too much happened this month – dental surgery and weather, mostly – to keep me from staying on track with goals, and continuing to feel bad about it isn't helping. Need to apply "one day at a time" principle to goals/intentions/resolutions, especially the health-related ones. On the bright side, I've lost two pounds since I started the failed Whole 30. So there's that. I watched the Super Bowl last night, rooting against the Patriots more than for the Eagles. (How's that for a patriotic contest, huh? And yet there are millions of good Americans boycotting the NFL because some players choose to kneel for the national anthem.) This early-to-bed girl surprised herself and her husband by staying awake past halftime (which I thought was very entertaining) all the way to the presentation of the trophy. I laughed so hard during the NFL Dirty Dancing commercial. Harder than I've laughed s

What price beauty?

Okay, I know dentures are necessary to help one chew and speak clearly. I probably spend more time not wearing my upper denture than wearing it (but I don't answer the door, so don't come knocking on the spur of the moment), and it's hard to make myself speak clearly. Soft foods can be tasty. With last week's extraction of four lower teeth and the immediate insertion of a partial denture, I'm beginning to question whether I want to fit into society again or not. Ever. My face hurts. All the damned time. I've been wearing the partial all the time, removing it only to clean it, but after doing a little research, Dr. Google says I only need to wear it to sleep in for the first night. (I thought my dentist said to wear it all the time, but I was in pain and somewhat traumatized that day, so I may have misheard him.) I'm afraid if I sleep without it, I'll love the feeling of my face not hurting and then I'll never put it back in. Dentures help you chew

Meltdown and fail

Major, major meltdown the last couple of days. I haven't done anything to create success with my intentions. I'm going to the dentist today to have four extractions and get a partial denture where my lower front teeth used to be. And I am freaking out about it. Being an emotional eater, I'm eating whatever I want. I'm not walking or reading, either. SO … Whole 30 fail. Mileage fail. Reading fail. Writing fail. I don't even remember if there were other goals, but here we are, three weeks in the new year and none of the habits stuck. And I don't really care this morning. BECAUSE I AM FREAKING OUT. It's not like I haven't had extractions before. I have a full upper denture. And it drives me crazy and I hate wearing it and now I'm going to have both jaws compromised. I hate getting old. Be kind.


I saw 45's tweet about the marchers when I got home from the rally my husband and I went to, and that was a powerful impetus to continue working against him and his harmful policies. He is disrespectful and demeaning, and so divisive.  I guarantee that no one was marching to celebrate anything he's claiming to have done. And for him to suggest it is just shameful. I don't believe in "shaming" a politician. The WV Democratic Women had a "Shame on Shelley" campaign against Senator Capito a few years ago, and it just felt childish and ineffective to me. However, when the President of the United States acts like a child, shaming may be an appropriate response. I was energized about the resistance after our rally. When I saw photos of the crowds in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Austin, and other cities across the country, it really began to sink in that America can  overcome this #ShitholePresident and that we will . He's supposed to come to West