Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Day of the locusts

Looks like more and more of you are finding your way over from the old SK blog. Welcome! And thanks for all the birthday wishes – one of these years I'm going to quit having them.

Here’s an interesting theory about the cause of the current worldwide obesity epidemic, one that I’ve heard of or read about in the distant past, but it seems to be making a comeback in scientific circles.

It appears that locusts will eat and eat and eat until they’ve reached their protein quota. I’ve often heard that obese and overweight people will continue to eat until their bodies have consumed sufficient nutrients – vitamins and minerals – regardless of calories.

If you make it to the end of the article, a Dr. Tim Crowe discounts the high-protein theory, saying it’s been previously tested and not shown to offer a weight-loss advantage.

All I can say is that Sunday morning I had eggs and sausage at 7 a.m. – the only protein options at the hotel; if I’d been home I’d have had Canadian bacon or lean ham – and I wasn’t ready to eat again until late afternoon. We had an early dinner on the way home about 5 p.m.

And I lost weight over the weekend. I’m not claiming it until Thursday, the day I “officially” weigh in, but I’m encouraged.

I’m also not really pushing a high-protein plan. I’m just reporting what seems to be working for me. I’m sure one of these days I’m going to succumb to temptation – none of us gets fat because we only eat when we’re hungry, after all. Or at least I didn’t.

In the meantime, it’s chicken and eggs with lots o’ salad. The locusts sang, and they’re singing for me.


M@rla said...

I say: what works, works. If I believed or disbelieved based on every article I've read, I'd go insane!

The high protein seems to work very well for some people. I am not one of them; I've done locarb/hiprot in various combinations and caloric levels several times and didn't see one bit of change. For other people, they immediately start losing weight.

One thing I tend toward is if I have a spontaneous free day, i.e., darn I wish I hadn't eaten that, I will follow with a protein day to balance things out. I don't have any proof of its efficacy, but it's a nice theory.

Grumpy Chair said...


I know I am trying to eat only protein and veggies (non-starchy vegetables) for dinner because I see a difference in the scale when I avoid carbs after lunch.

G.G. said...

Have to say that having a higher protein to carb ratio seemed to really help me--don't get nearly as hungry now as I used to get on other diets. I think some people may be just more starch sensitive than others.

And Happy Birthday, though a bit late!

D said...

Hurray for your new blog! And I'm glad you left the "diet" or "weight loss" part out of the title. Our weight loss efforts do not define us :) But knitting and running...those sound great!

Greta said...

I seem to do well on lean protein plus green veggies also, but I add as much whole grain (cooked moist not crispy), potato,fruit, and beans for interest in meals & to keep hunger at bay. I do better without sugar, white flour. I totally agree with previous posters that what works, works. It is never just a matter of taking in few enough calories, but of keeping the body well nourished and satisfied enough not to be hungry or having cravings. That is why I also take a muti