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The other thing on which I'm dithering

And, really, there should be no ifs, ands or buts about it. Strength-training should be a part of my fitness routine. No question.

But I don't wanna!

I need to slap myself upside the head and just get over it already. This article explains why.

I have a weight bench and barbells and dumbbells, oh my. I probably will need to dust the cobwebs off before I hoist anything, though.

This should be a no-brainer. It. Just. Isn't.

(And now that I've put it out there in the universe, maybe I'll be motivated to lift something heavier than my coffee mug today.)


denise said…
We are at exact opposites in the exercise dithering! I started my (most recent) weight loss adventure in 2003, when I got a trainer, joined WW, and just generally got my life together. I was strength training with a trainer twice a week and doing cardio on my own 4 other days. Sunday was a day of rest.

Did that for a number of years. Lost 60 lbs and was in the best shape of my life...then (you knew there had to be a but in here somewhere didn't you?) I just lost it. Had some knee issues, got out of the exercise habit, started putting the weight back on, which made the knee worse, which made me not want to other words, I was caught in the no-cardio-vortex...

However, during this entire time, I have continued to do strength training twice a week with a trainer. Unfortunately, that's not enough to stave off weight gain (although I secretly think a different trainer might make a difference). This trainer is telling me that I've GOT to do cardio - and do it on a regular basis!


So, here I am, 5+ years later, with pretty much every lb back on, feeling miserable, wanting to get back into it, and when my trainer asks me ... every Tues & Thurs ... whether I've done cardio since she's last seen me ... it's more often than not a "no." And when she asks me why? The answer is "I didn't feel like it..." Sound familiar (only relative to strength training instead of cardio?)

Now my trainer has laid down the law and said that if I'm waiting to do cardio until I feel like it, it's never gonna get done. In her words, "You just need to get over that, cause you're NEVER gonna feel like doing just have to do it anyway..."

Somehow, I haven't found those words entirely inspiring, but I have started to do a little cardio here and there. I just need to get the HABIT back...somehow.

Good luck with your strength training. Believe me, I'd rather be doing double that than any cardio. Between the 2 of us, we could be a trainer's dream! (with the leftover halves making up a trainer's nightmare...)
M@rla said…
Just goes to show how different we all are. I can't stand running, but I love lifting weights.

For anyone who doesn't enjoy weights, I suggest intervals and supersets. Craig Ballantyne demos a great workout here and you can search his name on youtube to get a lot more. Remember, strength training doesn't have to be giant weights; bodyweight is more than sufficient to get a good workout!

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