Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Better late than never

Today has been kind of wacky, timewise. And even though I woke up early, I still haven’t had time to do a quick post until now.

I had planned to lift weights and take a walk yesterday morning. I lifted weights, but got a call to be someplace a little earlier than I’d anticipated and had to ditch the walk. I feel very good about getting some weight training in, though, and gave myself a star for 20 minutes of effort.

Today I had to be cleaned up and ready to leave the house at 8:30 a.m. Kinda like you working people. The training schedule for today was an easy two-mile run, so I got it out of the way early (on the treadmill) and gave myself a star for that, as well.

As for knitting, I found a mostly finished bag over the weekend, finished the strap and felted it. On the left, before; on the right, after.

I need another bag like a need another 20 pounds – which is to say I don’t – so it’s up for grabs. If you’d like your very own blue-and-green wool bag, leave a comment before Thursday night at midnight, EST. I’ll assign numbers and pick one at random. Winner will be announced Friday, August 1.


Mindy said...

The bag is great! But since I won your last contest, it wouldn't be fair for me to win this one. Would you be willing to share the pattern?

I wanted to pop in and tell you that when I was typing you in on my web browser just now. *I have you bookmarked at home but I wanted to read during my lunch hour so I was forced to type in a search* Anyway, I typed Knit Rum Repeat...that made me laugh and didn't sound like a bad idea except that after the rum, running might be difficult!

Have a good day!

Mindy said...

Silly me, I meant after the rum, knitting might be difficult! Geez, I didn't even have any rum!

denise said...

I'm in! I think it looks like a great bag, and I love the colors. Of course, I can't honestly say I NEED it, but I like it!

wistfield said...

I love the bag! I recently stumbled across your blog and must say I'm enamored of it as well. :)