Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sliding back to normal

While I enjoy travel and company and changing my routine, I always enjoy getting back to ‘normal,’ whatever that is. Since my husband is rather, um, domestically challenged, normal has meant many loads of laundry and a more-than-normal amount of cleaning. I mowed half the yard yesterday and will finish that job today. Nothing says normal in the Middle of Nowhere like bouncing around a couple of acres on a riding lawnmower.

For those of us obsessed concerned with weight loss, “normal” eating probably means ice cream, chips and fast-food – all the stuff normal people eat. But if you look around, most of those eating calorie-laden meals and snacks don’t look very normal. In case you’ve missed the news lately, Americans are getting fatter.

My normal means getting back to the South Beach way of eating, which is easy to stick to and effective in shedding lard. It didn’t happen yesterday, I’m sorry to say, but it will today. For the foreseeable future I’ll be chowing down on eggs, lean meat, chicken and tons o’ salad.

I walked three miles yesterday, and even threw a bit of running into the route toward the end. I felt good when I was done, and am pleasantly sore this morning.

Thanks for all your welcome-home messages, and especially for your good wishes for my dad. We both appreciate it, more than you’ll ever know.

See you in the Middle of Normal. Heh.


Mindy said...

I totally agree that getting back to a normal routine is such a wonderful feeling sometimes. This entire summer so far has been filled with one or two days trips for work or pleasure and it seems all good planning goes out the window! It's hard enough on the trips themselves but then it takes several days back at home to get back to "normal."

The SB Diet works great for me too. Although I miss the carbs (especially popcorn), it is effective and I have so much more energy.

Laura N said...

Glad to see you back & very happy to hear your Dad is going to be OK.

"Domestically challenged"--HA! Love that phrase.

I completely understand what you're talking about re: NORMAL. I complained earlier this year that I gained weight when I went off my diet and started eating like a "normal" person--a bagel and coffee w/cream a few times a week, fast food salads a few times a week, whatever I wanted on the weekends. I wasn't eating ice cream, donuts, or cookie dough--and I still gained 5 pounds in just a few months.

We have to create our own Normal to succeed at this weight loss gig, and we really can't look back after that.

Hope your day went well.

G.G. said...

I'm glad to see you're back and upbeat, even if I didn't know you were away b/c I was gone myself.


Good luck with getting back on track! I'm going to be looking for that track back myself . . . . soon. Very soon.