Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wacky week

I’ll be out of town this weekend and have to mix up the training schedule a bit. My long run will be Friday instead of Sunday, and I’m swapping the tempo run, originally scheduled for Thursday, and the easy run, which I was supposed to do today. I hope this leaves me with enough energy to take care of a one-year-old Saturday and Sunday. Heh.

Also, in addition to a 20-minute weight-training session, I’m adding a long walk to each of my three or four rest days. (Early in the training schedule I only run three days/week. Later on I add another run day.) My husband and I walked 10K yesterday in about an hour and a half – a nice, not-too-slow pace that felt good. My hope is that the additional walking will help get rid of some weight. Did it work?

Well, here’s what the week looks like so far:
  • Sunday: Weight – 177.5. Ran seven miles, moved some furniture, planted mums
  • Monday: Weight – 177.5. Walked 6.2 miles, moved the same furniture to different places, rearranged all my computer equipment. Edited to add: Also lifted weights for 20 minutes.
  • Tuesday: Weight – 178.
My meals during this time have been wonderful examples of the South Beach way to eat: lean protein, salad, yogurt – you know the drill.

Perhaps I should back away from the scale. It’s more than a little discouraging to see that number creep up instead of down. I’m not asking for advice or explanations, by the way. I’ve been through this before, too many times. I have to go by how I feel, not how much I weigh.

I feel pretty darned good. Moving all that furniture around was hard, heavy work. The fact that I can do it without hurting myself or breaking the furniture is pretty cool. Hell, the fact that I can run seven miles, at my age (57) without hurting myself is pretty cool.

Anyway – speed drill today. Speed is a relative thing in my running world, by the way. I have to sandwich three 11:07 miles between warm-up and cool-down miles. Here’s how I justify my lack of speed: The longer I’m out there exerting myself, the more calories I’m burning.

Oh, and I was usually in the art room during math class. Heh.


MARLA said...

I did a Gilad workout this morning and a short walk around the block this afternoon, and now I feel I need to lie down for a couple hours. You're fantastic with your workout schedule, at any age!

denise said...

Just goes to show we all have a different perspective. I would KILL to be 178 again - which I was about 3 years ago...now I'd have to lose more than 60 lbs to get back there...sigh...

Don't know how much more than 60 lbs I would need to lose because I'm afraid to get on the scale and find out. With each passing day, that 60ish number is going higher though. That much I can pretty much tell from the way my clothes fit (or should I say don't fit).

I keep telling myself that once I get through this big move, everything will settle down and I'll get back on track...fingers crossed.!

denise said...

P.S. I agree with Marla. The fact that you are attempting that workout schedule (at any age) impresses the heck out of me. The fact that you're actually doing it makes you my hero(ine).

Shana said...

I am 42 and can't consistently run four miles. 3.5 seems to be my comfort zone. You kick ass. My goal is five miles; your seven is incredible.