Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Still here, just barely

Consider this a placeholder. Life is far too busy these days to post properly. In fact, if it weren’t so foggy and wet out this morning, I’d be trying to mow the lawn before we go to the hospital. Pretty soon I’ll have to bale it.

At any rate, my mother-in-law is still in the hospital with a broken arm, and my husband and I are spending several hours per day visiting her (and driving to and from the hospital). There have been some complications, nothing life-threatening but definitely worrisome.

I’m keeping up with the essentials: a daily shower, coffee in the morning, food and water for the dogs, laundry (although it doesn’t get folded), and running on the days I’m supposed to. I miss just hanging out at the computer for hours on end every morning. Heh.


Anne M. said...

Sometimes all we can do it keep up with the essentials and use our extra energy and time for worrisome things such as someone in the hospital. Glad to know you're okay and taking care of the basics. We'll see you when you can get back. In the meantime, sending prayers your way.

MARLA said...

Hang in there, chiquitqa! You're right, it's not going to last forever. Just do what you have to, and don't worry about the rest.

Mary Gee said...

Thank God your mother in law has you in her life. I am not so sure all DILs would be so devoted. Bless You.