Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Okay, y’all know I’m not the speediest of runners. I blame it on my short stature, advanced age and extra weight. But the combination of two months of training and much cooler weather seems to have helped my pace tremendously. I used to struggle to run a 12:40 mile. Today? Not so much:

I did a total of 6.8 miles, most of it walking, but I was supposed to run two miles today at a 12:32 pace.

I think I smoked it. Heh.

If I can keep that up for 13.1 miles (BIG heh), I’ll not only PR in Richmond, but I’ll also make my goal of finishing in 2:30. In order to PR, I have to run in less than 2:38:24.

Eating a more normal diet is very helpful, and it doesn’t matter to me whether it’s psychological or physical. If I think I can run more efficiently if I have rice with dinner and a banana with my morning coffee, then that’s good enough for me.


ws said...

even the puppy eats banana, how bad can they be? Perhaps if I cut them out he will stop running around like a lunatic.

Mary Gee said...

I need some knitting help - urgently. oh dear. I wish I had your phone number... If you get this, can you send me an e-mail?

Nice job on the fast miles. I would faint if I ever ran that fast anymore.