Monday, October 13, 2008

Many, many thanks

To all of you who sent your good wishes and kept my dad in your thoughts and prayers last week – thank you so much. He has a lot of strength and will and heart, but I know prayer works and yours meant (and mean) so much to me. He’s happy to be home now, and I hope to visit him next month when he’s not in the hospital.

My mother-in-law is going home from her extended hospitalization this morning. My husband and I aren’t quite sure what we’ll do with the extra time we’ll have not worrying about a sick parent. His mother will continue to receive physical therapy for her fractured arm on an outpatient basis.

Yesterday my husband reached a major life milestone – he got old. (That’s what he says; he is sooooo not old.) He’s now 65, but is the youngest 65 I’ve ever known. And healthiest. His weight is normal, he walks six miles every day (6.2, actually) and the only factor limiting his reach for perfection is that he smokes cigarettes. He has smoked since he was 16; I doubt if he’ll ever quit. As he says, the damage is done. He’s one of those people who doesn’t even have a smoker’s cough. I certainly wouldn’t wish dire consequences on him, but I do wish he could put it down. Think of the money we’d save!

My training program gets back on track tomorrow. I ended up having to just skip last week. (I did an unimpressive 2.7 miles in Florida, and that was the total mileage for the week.) Instead of 16 weeks of training, it’s now 15 and I don’t anticipate that it will cause any problems in – ahem – the long run. Heh.

Only three weeks until election day. Are you registered?


Shauna said...

Just catching up on a week here, my goodness... will keep your dad in my thoughts. Hope you are doing okay too :)

MARLA said...

So glad things are looking up for your parents! Hang in, girlie. And happy birthday to the DH!