Friday, October 3, 2008

Too busy for words

Being a daughter, wife, runner and political activist takes up a lot of time, lemme tell ya. (That “lemme tell ya” phrase was typed in my best Sarah Palin voice.)

My dad remains hospitalized and he says the doctors aren’t sure what they’re going to do. He’s not critical, as he was in June, and I don’t need to be there. Yet. They’ve done exhaustive testing and discovered both infection and atrial fibrillation. The knee replacement may need to come out after all, but they have to address the cardiac issue first. And through it all, Dad says whatever they do they’d better be finished by November 4 because he has to vote. In case they aren’t, he’s applying for an absentee ballot.

Obama’s Campaign for Change at first decided not to spend much money in West Virginia, then upgraded us to a battleground state and we are scrambling for campaign materials. Shipment of materials is expected ‘soon.’ A surprising number of people visit our county Democratic headquarters every day begging for bumper stickers and yard signs. I can’t do much about the latter, but I spent all yesterday afternoon working with another woman to print, cut and laminate a variety of window signs and bumper stickers. Badge making machines and supplies are being shipped; we’ll be cranking out political buttons on Tuesday.

Yesterday morning’s race training was an eight-mile tempo run. The usual warm-up and cooldown with four 10:18 miles alternating with half-mile jogs. I can run a 10:18 quarter mile, probably, but the best I did for a full mile was 10:35. And I was DYING! But at least I was out there. I only have to fit an easy three miles in this morning.

Last night my husband and I had friends over to watch the debate. According to CNN, Biden won 51% to 36%. I want to know who the 36% were. Palin had a good time steering the conversation away from the issues the moderator brought up, and back to her rehearsed talking points. And it was maddening watching her do that. Perhaps that’s good debate strategy, as one Republican pundit remarked, but I wasn’t impressed.

In between all of that, I’ve done most of the normal stuff that needs to be done to keep things running around here. We’re not starving or eating fast food, we have clean clothes and the dog hair hasn’t piled up too thickly along the baseboards. What I’ve obviously slacked on is computering – very little e-mail or blogging has happened this week.

Today is more of the same: running, taking care of my mother-in-law’s bills this morning (she and her broken arm are still in the hospital), baking cookies to take to a political event tomorrow, making more signs, laundry, cooking, cleaning.

Have a good weekend. Hopefully I’ll be back on Monday.


ws said...

The only vote less likely to be counted in Florida than one done at the polls is an absentee ballot. Or maybe they will count those twice for this election.

PastaQueen said...

Sorry about your dad :( But I'm glad to hear you are volunteering. I have hope that Indiana might go to Obama this year! I'm willing to drive people to the polls to make it happen.

MARLA said...

Was that you dancing while knitting at the Stereolab concert?

altopower said...

The 36% were the ones who were thrilled that she didn't babble like an idiot. I was Twittering with friends through the debate and was appalled that two of them wished she was running for president and not VP. It's a surprise that we are friends.

Your dad's attitude is awesome and forward-focused. That has to help through what is a difficult time.

Glad you're volunteering and finding enthusiasm for Obama. It's easy to talk about supporting someone; it can be harder to take the step to actually do something about it. Yayy you!