Thursday, December 4, 2008

Three squares

In prison they call it three hots, but since my breakfast is usually cold cereal, three squares is more descriptive.

Yes, I’ve finally reverted to my youth and picked up the three-meals-a-day habit again. Before my dad got sick, I usually ate one real meal daily – dinner – and grazed my way through the pantry from about 11 a.m. until bedtime. Dinner was served because my husband likes it; I certainly wasn’t hungry for it.

The grazing material was pretty healthful, but obviously wasn’t what my body needed. Yogurt, trail mix, low-fat cheese, fruit – all part of a balanced diet, but I never felt satisfied and was always looking for something else.

My dad (who is going home today – hooray!) got three calorie-controlled, sugar-free, low-sodium meals a day in the hospital, and he lost weight the whole time he was there. He’s so convinced that this is the right thing to do that he’s going to request menu plans before he leaves today, so he and his wife can continue doing the same thing at home. (He also requested – and it was approved – outpatient physical therapy. I’m so proud of him!)

Daddy didn’t raise no dummy. Without consciously deciding to, I’ve been eating three wholesome meals each day since I got home. I brush and floss immediately after dinner, and don’t snack in the evening. I’ve walked 11 miles on the treadmill in the last four days. This regimen has now resulted in a 3.5-pound loss. Since Sunday!

I have some challenges coming up – more travel (and probably no blogging) next week and, of course, Christmas and New Year’s. But once success smacks you in the face, you really don’t want to fight back. If three squares and a daily walk is what I need, then I’ll do it – gladly.

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Shauna said...

Glad to hear your dad is coming home, woohoo!

That is interesting food for thought re the three squares... sensible stuff :)