Friday, January 2, 2009

Friday Quote Day

Success is the ability to go
from failure to failure
without losing your enthusiasm.

Sir Winston Churchill

(I’m resurrecting Friday Quote Days here; I used to do them over at Shrinking Knitter and found them somewhat helpful. If not helpful for losing weight, then they were helpful for creating a blog post. Heh.)

Now how is it helpful to begin the year with a quote about failure? Well, I actually wish Sir Winston had chosen a different word – “challenge,” maybe, or “opportunity.” But I don’t really feel right editing the great Churchill.

The Bangkok Hoppin’ John was wonderful – very creamy and rich. I feel luckier already. Heh. And don’t forget to hop over to my 365 blog to see what good stuff I thought was photo-worthy.

As you are reading this, I’m driving to Indiana. It will be a difficult time, attending the memorial service for my friend, but I know I will learn more about her from her children, three of whom I’ve not yet met.

It may be a while until I can post again. I hope the first week of your new year is a good one.

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D said...

I like the return of Friday Quote Day...but then, I'm a quote-aholic.