Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Yes, as a matter of fact, I do still knit

The proof is in the pudding photo.

That there is a Wonderful Wallaby, sans pouch, and the hood has been replaced by a sporty collar. Perfect for the eight-month-old triplets in your life. Heh.

The first one was delivered the weekend before Christmas. I’m turning into one of those knitters who wraps an unfinished project with the needles poking out of it, with a promise to finish it ASAP. The remaining two sweaters were mailed the day after Christmas. (There wasn’t much left to do on one; the other needed everything but the sleeves. Sign me up for speedknitting – surely it burns more calories than mere couchknitting?)

Thank you for your comments Monday. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and am glad there are no more trips on the immediate horizon. My husband and I will probably go to Florida in February, but we haven’t actually done any planning. Come to think of it, February could be considered “the immediate horizon,” since it’s already mid-January.

Yes, the tapeworm diet has been done. Not by me, but I’ve read about a woman who, in the ’60s, maybe?, ordered some diet pills from an ad in the back of a magazine and then shoved the package, unopened, on the top shelf of a closet when it was delivered. She forgot about it for months, and when she finally opened it, each segment of the tapeworm – the “pills” – had grown to be full-sized worms. The final pill, a different color from the others, was supposed to kill the critter. By the time you’d taken all the rest of them, you should have been thin.

Is that story true? I don’t know, but it was enough to gross me out and I’ve never responded to the lure of a too-good-to-be-true magazine ad. I should probably find and read the original account, every day. That kind of grossocity ought to kill my appetite, if nothing else.

Less than a week until the inauguration and, yes, we here at Chez Party are celebrating with friends. I’m thinking the next four years are going to be tough – cleaning up the Bush mess will take some time – so we need to party while we can. I can’t wait. Until then, though, I have a book to format (a freelance gig), a house to clean and some shopping to do.

Oh, and some weight to lose. And some yarn to knit. And some pictures to take. No reason to be bored this winter!

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LG said...

Actually when I had really started to lose weight, some people at work would ask my secret and I'd be flip and say, "It's my tapeworm. I named him Fred."

I think it's amazing you got those sweaters done with all of the traveling, training and other things to keep you occupied and busy. They are gorgeous.

On the 29th, I start a creative digital photography class. I'm kind of psyched and yet a bit scared. I wish you could be here for it too but that's a long drive for a weekly class, isn't it?