Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Quote Day

Focusing your life solely on making a buck
shows a certain poverty of ambition.
It asks too little of yourself.
Because it’s only when you hitch your wagon
to something larger than yourself
that you realize your true potential.

~ Barack Obama

Okay, right off the bat you’re wondering what in the heck this quote has to do with weight loss, running, health, fitness or even knitting. Aren’t you?

I thought so.

Well, the answer is ‘nothing at all.’ But it has everything to do with this:

I was a tiny cog in the great wheel of Democrats who worked hard to elect Presdient Obama last fall. I spent many hours at campaign headquarters and many more at home creating and producing posters, signs, stickers and campaign buttons, among other volunteer activities.

During an event at headquarters, a woman introduced herself to me and said she had an idea for a book, but needed help putting it together. She wondered if I’d like to lend my graphic design skills to her project. The result is Birds Nearby, which was delivered this week.

It’s a lovely book describing 36 common birds in the Eastern United States. Each bird gets four pages: two with simple clues describing the bird, then a photo page and then a coloring page. It’s suitable for elementary-age school children.

But each of my grandchildren – from 11 months to 12 years – is getting one for Easter.

If I had more time I would try to tie Obama’s quote to health and fitness, because I can see how it could be done, especially if I cut everything but the last sentence. But what I love about the quote, and how it relates to my experience, is that I really wasn’t trying to make a buck.

I was electing a President.

If you’d like a copy of the book, please let me know. Betsy’s website isn’t quite ready for orders yet, but I can put you in touch with her.

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LG said...

Wow, isn't that wonderful. I love how seemingly unrelated events lead us to new things. The book looks darling and I know you did a great job with it. Great quote too. (Take that Republicans and Adam Smith! LOL)

By the way, my word verification is seerworm....