Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Since we last got together, I have:
  • Spent three days in another state caring for a two-year-old
  • Spent two days at home, one of which included a visit by three 15-month-olds (and their parents)
  • Spent one day recovering from a visit by three 15-month-olds
  • Spent two days driving to and from another state to attend a funeral
  • Attended yet another health care reform town hall meeting
And another town hall is on this afternoon's agenda.

I've had to cancel and/or reschedule three appointments during that time, as well. I haven't walked more than to and from a building to a car in the last week. And the garden has been – obviously – more neglected than ever. (But I picked three ripe, unblighted tomatoes when I got home last night! Anne, you were so right about the blight! Yuk!)

The funeral was for my first husband, my children's father. They gave the eulogy, which was wonderful and sad and funny and heartfelt. I couldn't be prouder of our children. He was, too.

That's all for today …


Shauna said...

Crikey what a blur of activity! Hope you get some rest soon...

Doc Manette said...

Wow you were very busy but were spot-on with your previous post of being a big help.

Sorry to you and your family with the passing of your first husband and your children's father.

altopower said...

No wonder you are exhausted! That's a lot of caretaking, traveling, and emotions. It seems like only yesterday that those three 15-month-olds were born :) Live certainly goes on.

How are you finding your health care town meetings to be going in your part of the world?

Lori G. said...

That's a lot of things going on. The funeral had to be hard in a lot of ways and I know you were there for your kids. They sound pretty awesome.

Three made me tired thinking about their energy levels. But I bet they were soooo cute!