Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Welcome, autumn

I love living in a state (West Virginia) where we have four seasons. Just about the time I'm tired of the heat, fall marches in with its low humidity, cool breezes and colorful vistas. There's nothing prettier than our mountains when they're wearing their red and gold fall colors. The leaves haven't turned yet, but our front-yard maple has been dropping leaves for a week now and I couldn't be happier about it.

My husband and I went to an end-of-summer picnic Sunday, which was a lovely way to transition from summer to fall. Their garden is producing fall stuff – squash and corn and pumpkins, things I've added to my "must plant" list for next year. We made new friends, visited with familiar ones and came away thinking, "What a nice way to spend an afternoon."

Better than football. Seriously!

I'm back on track with my five-mile walks, I have a couple of freelance design jobs to do and cooler weather makes me want to put a pot of soup on to simmer all day. Nothing could be finer …

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denise said...

Sounds wonderful. I miss the Northeastern fall here in Hotlanta (currently more like Wetlanta). Fall has always been my favorite season. Not only was central PA beautiful at this time of year, but growing up in a college town meant this always felt like "New Year's" to me...the time of renewals and new beginnings.

Here in the South, it's hard to even work up enthusiasm for football season - too warm. I long for sweatshirt season...and soup weather.

Enjoy on my behalf.