Friday, October 2, 2009

Missing in Action

You know how you get into the habit of doing something one way, and
any other way of doing that thing feels uncomfortable? Well that's the
way it is with blogging for me.

I usually log into my blogger account, choose "Create Post" and say
what I want to say.

My computer has been having temper tantrums all week long. I've been
cleaning, tossing, purging and generally spiffing it up (by making it
leaner and meaner) but I STILL can't get my Blogger account to load.

It might be the computer but it more likely is the phone line I use to
connect to the internet.

I still can't send e-mails with attachments, either.

It's all very frustrating and I wish it would all just fix itself,
kind of like that cyst on my ankle did. Not likely to happen.

Anyway, I just wanted to check in and I hope I can get someone from
the phone company to come out next week to see if there's a problem
with the line. The bigger problem is they don't guarantee service for
data transfer. The biggest problem is there's no high-speed option
here in the Middle of Nowhere.

1 comment:

denise said...

Computer problems - ugh. Doesn't matter whether it's hardware, software, or communications - it's all a pain and the least little glitch reminds me of how dependent I've become on my computer and how fickle it can be.

Hope you get your problem solved soon.

Meanwhile, glad to see your post. I was getting concerned that there was something worse going on and keeping you away from us!