Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So far, so good. Heh.

Yeah, Day One went well. But doesn't Day One almost always go well?

I finished reading The End of Overeating last night and was surprised that Dr. Kessler didn't have a long list of don'ts. His philosophy and mine seem to mesh: Don't eat in restaurants. Don't eat processed foods.

The Big Deal in EoO is that food manufacturers create treats that are layered with sugar, fat and salt, and that the sugar-fat-salt combination creates the desire in some people for more sugar, fat and salt.

I do use sugar, fat and salt when I cook meals at home, but I haven't made anything yet, with the possible exception of apple pie, which has very little salt, that depends on the layering of these substances in order to taste good. Maybe my tastes have changed? I can count on both hands the times I've eaten in restaurants this summer, and I can count on one hand the times I've gotten sick afterward. Kind of makes you want to not eat in restaurants.

Anyway, back to Day One. We woke up to the first frost of the season. Yeah! No more bugs! I waited until noonish to do the five-mile walk/run, and was pleased that I got it done in 76 minutes. Since there weren't any leftovers from Sunday night's meal, I had cheese, whole-grain crackers and carrots for lunch, which wasn't much, so dinner (corn chowder) was early. I had no desire to eat again after dinner.

I'm going to post daily averages (calories in/calories out, because in the end that's what matters) on Mondays and will also post pounds gained/lost. One big challenge for me will be to stay off the scale until Monday.

Thanks for your comments. I hadn't thought of this 'plan' as an especially positive one, but it's good to get that perspective about it. It seems do-able – and since I've been mostly doing it for about a month, I know it really is a good way for me to eat and exercise. The biggest change is that I'm measuring portions and limiting calories to 1200/day. If the result is no weight loss, or even a weight gain, then I'll have to surrender to being fat and fit, because I really don't think there's anything else I'm willing to do.


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Sunny CA said...

The End of Overeating:
I was surprised at the end of the book. In essence throughout the book he said that the way to not be tempted by manufactured foods is to avoid them. Then at the end he said, well, once you've got your weight problem licked, you can eat these foods again once in a while. Huh? Either they always lead to overeating or they don't.

Also, don't you find it a bit unhelpful, really, to have somebody say that the way to make it easy to not eat manufactured foods is to not eat manufactured foods? It feels very Alic-in-Wonderland-ish to me even though I myself say that the way to not have sugar be tempting is to eliminate sugar. Sometimes it ends up making me feel like a monk (living a life of deprivation and sacrifice).

I agree that for healthy living and weight loss it pays to avoid manufactured foods and some restaurant foods. Too bad they do such a great job at preparing delectable foods. We do have restaurants here in the-middle-of- a-big-metropolitan-urban-area that just use real food and can who will honor special requests. I love snow peas and mushrooms and prawns at a favorite Chinese restaurant. Salads with prawns are another favorite since unlike chicken they can't "manufacture" prawns.

Let me give you an idea of my relationship to sugar. I hate swallowing vitamins. I finally found a brand of edible I like. They look like Gummi Bear vitamins though I do not recall the brand name. Only one problem. They taste SO good to me, that I can't eat just one. I usually end up eating 2, 3, 4, 5. Then I found myself eating 10, 11, 12 and was afraid I'd poison myself on vitamin overdose so I quit buying them and went back to swallowing horse pills.

Today is my "Official Weigh-in" day and I dropped 2 pounds last week to 200.5. I started April 8th at 227. Argh! That was back to my lifetime high after 9 years of keeping the weight off. My 40th high school reunion is November 14th. Luckily I started weight loss in April because we just found out about the reunion in September.