Monday, November 30, 2009

Break's over

Well, the past few days have convinced me that rest is what my poor sick foot needs. I was alternately on and off my feet, and the days I was on (or took a long walk) meant some uncomfortable nights. The anti-inflammatory I'm taking is helping some – the burning pain isn't quite as intense, nor do the episodes last as long. But I'm not fixed yet by any means.

I didn't weigh myself this morning. We'll get back to more healthful meals this week now that the leftovers are almost gone, and I'll continue The Plan of weighing and reporting on Mondays sometime this month. Maybe even next week, although we'll be out of town over the weekend. It's always something.

(By the way, what do you get when you make turkey-rice soup out of leftover turkey? Leftover turkey-rice soup! Arghhh!)

I wanted to show you my Thanksgiving centerpiece. I stole the idea from Martha, but she used pale blue candles and Epsom salts, for a Hanukkah decoration. My candles are creamy vanilla and I used turbinado sugar.

I'm trying to find some burgundy ornaments to put in place of the baby pumpkins and some tiny gold ornaments to put in place of the nuts. No luck so far, but I've only looked in two places. My husband wonders why I'm bothering.



ws said...

boys will be boys. if I had a few gold or maroon matchbox cars to lend you as ornaments I would, but alas if they disappeared it wouldn't go unnoticed.

denise said...

Loved the centerpiece. I took out my Christmas decorations for the first time in years (I'm always at home in PA for the holidays), and alternately enjoyed/grew frustrated at trying to make the decorations from my old place fit into the new.

But at least it's fun to have some holiday decorations for once.