Monday, December 28, 2009

We don't need no stinkin' Mondays

Take that, Monday. And take that, January 1st, as well! The Official Debbi Does Dieting Regime (or, ODDDR, how appropriate is that) started Saturday, thankyouverymuch, and not a moment too soon. I saw a very scary number on the bathroom scale the day after Christmas, and decided enough was enough.

Enough peanut butter fudge. Enough snickerdoodles. Enough walnut caramels. Enough shortbread. Enough, enough, enough. We're back to clean eating here at Chez Knit Run Repeat, and it feels great.

So far.

I'm sure the day will come when I'm tempted beyond my limits, but I'm hoping I'll remember to come back to today's post and instantly regain my motivation, instead of lardage.

It's truly frightening how quickly weight can pile on. As I told my husband, though, new fat disappears more quickly than old fat does, so I hope to at least get rid of the holiday damage before our winter vacation next month. And since our winter vacation will take place in sunny Florida, we're hoping a daily long walk on the beach will help continue the downward trend. (He's gained a few too many pounds for his comfort, too. It's not just me!)

If you read any outstanding and motivating blog posts as the new year sweeps in, please let me know in the comments. I've been losing (and gaining) weight for far too long and need all the help I can get. Changing habits and reaching goals is better done with help from others. Trying to do this alone sucks, frankly, but since my social network is pretty much internet-based, then you guys are my Chosen Ones. I know you didn't volunteer, but you've been so helpful and supportive over the years (ever since the Shrinking Knitter days), that I know you won't mind giving me a pat on the back or a shout out every once in a while.

Who among you is ready to finally, finally get this done?

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denise said...

You go girl! I'm definitely ready for it to BE done - whether I'm ready to do it, however, remains to be seen. I hope so. Still marinating in cookies, pies, and big meals on my visit home.

I'm already lined up with a trainer for January and hope to get my eating under control as well. Fingers crossed I'll be doin' it along with you.

One of the blogs I find pretty inspiring is Jack Sh*t Getting Fit. Most of his blogs are clever and funny (often VERY funny), but I most appreciate his more serious moments, which seem to occur about once a week or so. Check out his December 24 post as an example.

His blog is jackfit DOT blogspot. His steady progress throughout this past year has been quite impressive - of course, not impressive enough to get me to do anything, but that's another issue!

Best of luck!