Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Quote Day

Once you make a decision,
the universe conspires to make it happen.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Oh, please, Universe: Let it be so.

I guess I'm assuming you all made some kind of decision about a month ago regarding your weight, health or fitness level. If not, bear with me while I plead with unseen powers to make my January dream come true.

Emerson was wrong, of course. You can't just make a decision and then sit on your ass eating cupcakes and expect to lose five pounds in a month. Decisions need to have some effort behind them, sometimes a lot of effort.

If Emerson is saying that the Universe gives you the energy to lift weights and take walks, and the good sense to take seconds on vegetables and pass up dessert, then he's right. Too bad he's not around so we can ask him what he meant.

In my case (because it's all about me), the Universe put me in Florida for a few days this month, which was a double-edged sword. On the one hand, I got to walk outside a lot. More than I wanted to, actually (just ask my husband!). But I think hope all that activity helped to counteract the peanut-butter filled pretzels my dad is addicted to, and the fresh-from-the-oven cookies his wife thought we all needed 24/7 while we were visiting them.

After our return home, the universe allowed me to walk outside a couple of days, but mostly it's been bitterly cold, forcing me to incorporate some light weightlifting into my routine. Because the Universe has also done something wacky to the treadmill. (If you're new here, my treadmill stops spontaneously after about 24 minutes when I walk on it. My husband can walk six miles without stopping. You do the math.)

Will I reach my goal of losing five pounds in January? Honestly? I don't think so. I feel like I should do a Biggest Loser-type last-chance workout, starting now and continuing for the next 48 hours. It's not in my emotional makeup to do such a silly thing, though, so I'll just keep on doing what I've been doing all month, minus the pretzels and cookies, and hope for the best.

Could you pass the green beans, please?


gingersnapper said...

Oh, don't do the Biggest Loser style thing! Just keep going, and you'll lose 3 pounds in January and 7 in February. You know how that is: the universe is NOT in charge of the evil, lying, dastardly scale. WL has its own physics, none of which are consistent with the known universe.

altopower said...

No BL style thing! Your own plan and care kept you from gaining weight in January, right? Count it as a victory that 2 weeks away in a place with peanut butter pretzels and home-baked cookies didn't have you throw up your hands and given in. It would be so easy.

Light weightlifting is really good for our bones and for toning and we should all be doing at least some of it in addition to cardio. Note to self - pick the weights up and actually use them for more than a doorstop. Thanks for the reminder!

JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

Just keep swimming Dory style from Finding Nemo. Traveling is Difficult. Keep on doing your best. Deadlines can be pushed back to accommodate extenuating circumstances.

Alicia said...

Ooooh, that is a great quote!

Sometimes, when insomnia keeps me up, I try to relax and daydream about being on "the ranch" minus all the BS - just me, my two kids and Bob and Jillian (and if I were to ever win the lottery, I might try to buy this little ditty.) Two months of concentrating only on exercise and diet!

Beats counting sheep.

I think losing weight (even if it isn't the projected goal) is still a victory.

Elora said...

To add to your angst, Debbi, science has "conspired" to catch up with us old folks: The American Geriatric Assoc. has just completed a study on "overweightness" in the elderly..(ahem) and have found that those aged 70-75 who are somewhat overweight, but shy of obese...are likely to live longer! Time to readjust our thinking....again!

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