Monday, January 11, 2010

An unintended blog break ...

right before an intended one – our little getaway begins later this week, and I normally don't post when I'm out of town, so y'all will just have to miss me again!


The antibiotic I've been taking kicked in the second day and I've felt pretty well all weekend, after spending the first part of last week wanting to cut my head off. Antibiotics are Good Things indeed, especially the old-fashioned ones that don't cost an arm and a leg.

The good thing about being sick is you get a lot of time to knit. If you're a knitter, that is. I have just one sleeve left to do on the cardigan for me-me-me. The Big Bad Baby Blanket is finished and waiting for the baby to be born (sometime this month). I rarely beat the due date when I knit for a new baby. I'm going to break an arm patting myself on the back if I'm not careful.

The bad thing about being sick is you don't get to run at all. Also? If there's snow on the ground and the temperatures haven't been above 25 in two weeks, outdoor running is not an option (at least it isn't for me). Hell, let's be honest: I haven't run in so long it's ridiculous, so outdoor walking isn't even on my radar. And my treadmill doesn't like me any more. My husband can walk for four or five or 10 miles on the treadmill and it works fine. When I use it (at 3% incline, 3.5mph), it spontaneously stops at around the 26-minute mark, emitting a scary burning electrical smell and convincing me that humans weren't meant to walk on treadmills.

To compensate for the decided lack of physical activity, I've consciously been eating smaller and smaller portions of better and better (meaning more healthful) foods. I've been quite satisfied with less food, amazingly, leading me to believe that my appetite is all in my head.

And while I'm not going to post a weekly pounds-lost total (my goal is to lose five pounds a month, and I plan to wait until February for a progress report), I'll tease you by saying it's looking good so far.

How about you? It's January 11 – are you sticking with your plan, or are you planning to fall off the wagon?

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denise said...

There's supposed to be a plan? Who knew? ;-)

Actually, I have an informal plan to try to ease into better eating and excercise and not try to do it all at once and then beat myself up when I fail in some areas.

I started back with a personal trainer last week, and strange as it sounds, it feels good to be sore again. I'm definitely in the no pain, no gain camp when it comes to exercise.

I'm also unofficially trying to wean myself off of sugar and artifical sweetners and onto stevia. That's a slow process, but progress is being made.

And, I'm trying to eat "real meals" without worrying yet about calories. I made major strides in that this weekend.

So, all in all, I'm not doing bad for January 11. Instead of making January 1 the ideal - the "top of the hill" so to speak - and then toppling off after a short time. I decided to stay here at the bottom on the hill and start a slow and deliberate climb. Will it work ... we'll see.

Glad to see that you're feeling better! Happy travels.