Monday, February 15, 2010

Dodging a bullet, maybe?

Yesterday we were in a winter storm watch. Today? We might get half an inch by this afternoon. That's according to, and let's hope they're right. We're still going to be watching it snow for several days, though, according to my weather widget:
I keep thinking I should be outside with my camera, recording this winter wonderland for posterity. Honestly, though? I'd just as soon forget it ever happened.

I've been enjoying the Olympics, especially the interviews with Apolo Ohno, who I remember from the previous two winter games. He's hard to miss, of course, but his personality has changed so much, and his work ethic is truly inspiring (he does four two-hour workouts daily!). He's briefly featured in the current issue of Runner's World, in their back-page story called "I'm a Runner."

So many of the athletes – no matter their sport – are pictured running during their training. It makes me want to get out there and try it again. I can hardly believe I was training for my first half-marathon three years ago. Seems like another person did all that work.

When I was in NC last weekend I picked up Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred DVD. Took me a while to fire it up, but I'm glad I finally did. I can't really say that I'll be "shredded" in 30 days, but after four I'm definitely feeling some muscle aches, in a good way! Y'all are probably familiar with the DVD and with Jillian, so I won't bore you with a background check. I do like that she looks real (albeit tiny) – healthy and fit, but not emaciated – and I like her manner of speaking. My favorite takeaway is that fitness doesn't come for free. You gotta work for it.


I can't remember if I ever announced that I finished my periwinkle blue cardigan. It's blocking on the guest-room bed, and since I don't heat the guest room it'll probably be March before it finishes drying. I'm not sure I like it; I looked like a cow in a purple sweater when I tried it on pre-blocking. I'm not sure about making another sweater for me right now, at this weight. (Let's hope a few more months of eating healthfully and some additional shredding helps that problem!)  To that end, I swatched last night for a gansey for my younger granddaughter. The swatch is in the dryer and I might be able to cast on later today. This will be the earliest Christmas gift I've ever knit.


Elora said...

Absolutely! Haven't the Olympics been inspiring this time??? There's something going on in's called "no negativity." Regardless of the rain, the untimely snow for the men's biathlon, despite Canada's disappointment that Jennifer Heil didn't get the gold, etc.... everybody's still upbeat and positive. No whining. Across the board! Maybe that's a message they're intentionally displaying, but there's a smile on the whole thing. I'm inspired by that alone, in addition to the sportsmanlike presence of the young "lad" who finally did get the gold for Canada when he turned to give the French competitor a pay on the know what? Everybody's had something to give to everyone else. Manners. Unusual, these days....

Thanks Deb for a great post!

JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

I hear you! My biggest wake up moment was when I worked hard sewing myself a nice skirt with lining and everything. Well, I couldn't try it on until it was practically done.

And it didn't fit.