Thursday, February 11, 2010

Searching for the bright side

I was just too, too bummed by the snow yesterday to post anything.
This morning I decided to think of three things about the current
"weather event" that make me happy. Or, at least, not so bummed.

1. We're grateful and blessed to have a neighbor who has a frontloader
and doesn't mind using it to scoop snow off our driveway.

2. Moving snow from one place to another isn't just meaningless
exercise – you're actually accomplishing something as you elevate your
heart rate and strengthen your muscles.

3. When you can't get out in the car, you automatically are saving
money on gas!

That's about it. Four more inches last night. It really does no good
to scoop snow off the driveway because it's covered again the
following day. No one around here can remember a winter like this.
We've had heavy snowfalls before, but not one after another after
another after *another!*

Hope you're enjoying clear skies wherever you are!

1 comment:

gingersnapper said...

Oh it's been a horrible winter. You guys have really been hit hard!