Thursday, March 25, 2010

Despite the news ...

I walked/jogged my five miles yesterday and did it in 84 minutes. Not as fast as last week, obviously, but I think I was running on righteous anger then. Can't remember why, of course! I'm so glad anger dissipates as quickly as it does, at least around here.

Washington, D.C., however, is a different story. Yes, Democrats were angry when President Bush sent troops to Iran. I was in Washington with my husband during the Bush years and witnessed peaceable protests on the National Mall, with music and signs and chants. No spitting. No swearing. No references to Hitler.

Are we headed for another civil war? Is the division between the two political parties (or three if you count the Tea Party) such that we can find no common ground?

My opinion is that the opposition would never agree to anything President Obama thinks is good for the country, just because he's President Obama. If he suggested that it's wrong to kill kittens, Republicans would probably come up with a good reason to do so.

I shouldn't generalize. Some of you are probably Republicans, and I know you wouldn't advocate killing kittens. But if some major Republican leader doesn't step up and say enough is enough, I don't see this ending in a good way.

Much like my exercise and dieting efforts. (Aren't I clever to turn that rant right back into something relevant?) Each of us is different, and each of us needs to find our own way to health and fitness and a body with which we're comfortable. The fact that middle-aged women in general don't lose weight doesn't mean I won't, eventually, figure out a method that works.

Despite all previous evidence to the contrary.

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ws said...

Is there any other way to run? Righteous anger is the most productive method, at least in my humble opinion.