Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Quote Day

Never let the fear of striking out

get in your way.
~ George Herman "Babe" Ruth

I guess this is what keeps me going. I can't figure out any other philosophy that would keep me doing something, week after week after month after month after year after year, that results in so little success.

I've been weighing myself daily since the first of March, and I'm, um, striking out. I've started walking outside almost daily (five miles on hills); I'm still shredding myself with Jillian; I'm eating sensibly and healthfully, and I'm weighing, measuring and recording what I eat.

And this morning the scale read 3.5 pounds more than it did yesterday.

This is the part of weighing daily that drives me crazy. I understand the result is an average of the entire week, but seeing that horrible number this morning about did me in.

But you know, a good baseball player makes a ton o' cashmoneybucks by being good about 30 percent of the time. No one in the MLB even has a .500 batting average. .333 is pretty darned good. Meaning they strike out 70 percent of the time.

Maybe I should try a new bat. Or a new coach. Or a new team. One thing is for sure: I'm not leaving the game.


gingersnapper said...

Oh girlie, let me talk you down from the ledge! You absolutely did not gain 3.5 pounds overnight. You ate something that caused you to retain water, or the temperature is causing the scale reading to fluctuate. I know because I vary 5 pounds from day to day and obviously it's not physically possible for me to gain 5 real pounds in 24 hours!

Something else I learned when I used to weigh daily: a lot of fluctuation meant that change was occurring. It was never a steady up or down change, my weight would bounce all over for a week and then settle at a pound or two less. So I'm pretty sure you're actually looking at a loss, it's just hard to measure right now.

denise said...

The scale is an unreliable master to be sure. Maybe another frequency of weighing would work better - if a month was too much and a day to little, how about once a week?

Who knows the right answer...not me. I have found that even the right answer to ME varies from time to time. I go through periods where I weigh every day and can easily shrug off the fluctuations - even when they're large. Then suddenly, each tenth of a pound is a tragedy and a reason to have a "this-will-never-work pig out."

Like you say, you just stay in the game. And, please don't dump US (your team)...we need you and your dogged determination to keep us keepin' on too!

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