Thursday, March 18, 2010

I haven't bitched about the weather lately …

because there's nothing to bitch about!

So perhaps I should express my gratitude to Mother Nature for the booooooooootiful (that's how my younger granddaughter pronounces 'beautiful') week we've had here in the Middle of Nowhere.

Yesterday was especially nice – not too warm, not too cold, plenty of sun with some late-afternoon high clouds. My husband and I did our five-mile walk around noon and when we got back home I cleaned out a shed and started working on cleaning out the garage.

That will be a multi-day task.

We have two sheds on our property. I'd intended to convert the smaller one into the lawnmower shelter and add shelves to the larger one and make it a garden shed. But the smaller one already has shelves and would need to have a ramp added. I can save time and money by making all the gardening supplies fit into the smaller shed. The smaller shed needs a door. At one time it had a Dutch door (why? I have no idea), and the top half was gone. The lower half blew off its hinges in the last windstorm, but it's still there, propped against the shed, and it might be usable.

My tomato seedlings are coming up, the cabbages and onions have been moved to larger pots, I've decided not to start turnips inside, as they grew just fine with direct-seeding in the ground last year and I'm anxious to start planting outside, can you tell?

Getting back to yesterday's walk for a minute … our road is very hilly. The five-mile out-and-back route takes 90 minutes on a good day. As we hit the halfway mark, we realized we weren't going to make it. But at 3 miles we'd cut a little time off, and at 4 we were doing even better. (I wear a Garmin when we walk.) My husband wasn't as concerned with a 90-minute finish as I was, so he urged me to run if I wanted to.

I wouldn't exactly call it a run, but I jogged the last half mile and made it in 88 minutes! Yeah, me! It was mostly downhill, so my quads were very sore last night, but it was sooo worth it. I'm going to start adding more jogs to the walk. Next goal: 85!

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