Monday, April 26, 2010

Crop failure

Well, sort of.

I put several trays of seedlings – three kinds of tomatoes and two kinds of peppers – outdoors yesterday on a table on our patio. Then I spent the next couple of hours cleaning out the garage. And while I was doing that, the wind started blowing.

And blowing. And … do you see where this is heading?

My husband casually mentioned that "the outside table tipped over in all this wind." With that, I became a runner again. I raced from the garage to the back of the house to find all my little seedlings, plants I've been babying since February, spilled out of their pots onto the patio.

I took a break from garage cleaning to repot as many babies as I could salvage, but I lost a lot.

Two things occurred to me during that process.
  • How lucky was it that I brought six bags of compost home with me last week from the nursery (I was out of potting soil) and
  • How lucky was it that I was working at the nursery in the first place?
Working there has given me the experience – and confidence – to know that repotting will work, no matter how droopy the plants looked yesterday. And working there makes it much easier and cheaper to replace the plants that died in the wind. (I trade my labor for plants.)

Anyhoo ... in other gardening news, I finally planted peas Saturday. They should have been in the ground a month ago, but oh well. One of these days we'll have peas. More than half the garden space remains unplanted, but there's still lots of time. I didn't plant anything last year until mid-May.


The astute among you will notice a new header for the blog, one that Marilyn suggested in a comment last week. I think it more accurately reflects the direction I've been taking here. I'm keeping "Run." in there because I always hope I'll be able to run regularly and long distances again. This extra weight is all that stands between me and 26.2.


In other news, as if we women with weight issues don't have enough to worry about, there's this, the lead paragraph of which reads:
A new study says federal guidelines on obesity should be revised so more women fit into the category of "obese."
Yeah, that's what I need to hear. I'm not fat enough, make me fatter! Grrr.

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