Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday again

“When we heal the earth,
we heal ourselves.”
~ David Orr

One more nod to Earth Day. And to Food, Inc., because in creating a better way to produce food, we would indeed heal both the earth and ourselves.

Or at least I think we would.

Someone from an Asian country has been leaving comments here lately, usually only on Fridays. (I'm going to have to start thinking of titles for Friday's posts now.) Last week s/he said:
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 Hmmm. Methinks s/he needs some professional help. Or a hooker. Heh. Or maybe s/he is a hooker!

Anyhoo … I've been working on a couple of personal projects (besides the garden) lately, as well as a small freelance graphic design project, and the combination of to-dos has been keeping me up at night. Last night (or, rather, this morning) I woke up at 12:33 a.m. After an hour I usually just go ahead and get up, but I forced myself not to move and I eventually did go back to sleep, finally. Lack of sleep never killed anyone, but it sure makes it harder to get things done during the day!

We have some rain coming in this weekend. I hope to get more things in the ground before that happens. I'm rethinking whether I should create all those raised beds or not. (Nine down, a million to go.) I might leave the area in the center of the garden flat, for corn and tomatoes, and make more raised beds at the lower end for the melons, squash and cukes. I have more seeds than I have room, but I think that's typical for a new gardener.

So the exercise plan for the next couple of days is a great big question mark. It will probably be too wet to work in the dirt tomorrow and Sunday, so I would guess I'll be gardening today. Maybe I'll get to walk between the raindrops the next couple of days.

Gardening – digging, hoeing, running the tiller, planting and chopping weeds – is great exercise, by the way. And the benefits go way beyond building muscles and burning calories. Perhaps I should rename this blog:

Knit. Run. RepEAT!


Marilyn said...

Or maybe "Reap-EAT" as in Reap what you sow? You seem to be lots of sowing lately.

D said...

I was wondering what those mysterious comments actually said :)