Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Getting ready …

to visit family in another state, which means, Man, there's a lot to do around here today! And it's soooo boooootiful (that's how my younger granddaughter pronounces beautiful) outside that I don't wanna pack and I don't wanna get organized and I don't wanna clean out my car. So there. Harumph.


Planted the gardenia and azaleas yesterday, mowed the front lawn and worked a little more on garage reorganization. The garden is still too wet to plow, as the old saying goes. The fence goes up today. Between my dog, who likes to stroll through the mud, and possibly a rabbit (or maybe the dog) who ate the leaves off the only cabbage plant out there, fencing is the current Job One.

I don't think I'll electrify it while I'm gone, though. There's nothing else for a rabbit to eat, and Molly won't be able to get through or over or under the wires. No sense in wasting battery life while I'm gone.

I'm new to this electric fence thing. We had them when I was a kid (Dad's Job One), to keep horses in their pasture and critters out of the garden. My little brother accidentally touched a wire once and liked it so much he kept going back for more. Me? Not so much. Watching him shock himself (that explains sooooo much about my brother, heh) made me Back. Away. From. The. Fence.

I realize that the fence isn't "hot" unless you hook it up to the gizmo that makes it hot and you have to then turn the gizmo on. But still. I keep thinking that just stringing that wire around the fenceposts is a dangerous job.

Somebody has to do it.

I will weigh myself manana, but I won't be posting again until Tuesday, assuming I make it home safely. Have a great rest of the week and a great May Day and a great weekend and a great next Monday. And I will, too.

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