Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday! Again! A quote!

Keep your dream in front of you.
Never let it go regardless
of how farfetched it might seem.
~ Hal Higdon

Still trying to foil those Asian commenters with a tricky title. Although I think the last one showed up on a non-Friday, so maybe my titles don't really matter after all. Maybe they just like me. I'm so lucky.

As I was purging the teetering stack of magazines on my nightstand last night, I ran across an ad I'd pulled from an issue of Runner's World. It was a gatefold ad listing all the Rock 'n' Roll Marathons and Half-Marathons for 2010. I remarked out loud, "Why did I keep this? I'm not going to run a marathon this year." My husband overheard me and said, "Good. I hope you never do."

Which, of course, strengthened my resolve to run a marathon next year. (Thanks so much for your support, honey!)

Right now running a marathon seems pretty farfetched indeed. But the dream is in front of me, and I'm not letting go, not just yet.

Also in front of me is the garden. Here's the map (sorry for the poor quality and small size); I only wish I had more room for more seeds. I want to grow a grocery store. Heh.


Elora said...

What a plan! Lots of work, Deb! Beautiful, too! Can't wait to watch it all happen! You go, girl!


D said...

Your garden is amazing!