Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Curves ...

No, not the women's exercise place. And not my zaftig body, either.

I'm talking writing about the learning curve associated with the Blackberry Curve. My new Blackberry Curve, thankyouverymuch!

My four-year-old flip phone died a couple months ago and I've been cell phone-free ever since. Well, not completely. When I needed one, I grabbed my husband's two-year-old flip phone.

In other words, our contract with AT&T is up and we both needed new phones. Yesterday was the day.

(Yesterday was supposed to be Sam's Club shopping day, but the cell phone excursion took too long.)

Y'all have endured my endless bitching about dial-up for years, and I appreciate it. One has to bitch about something, after all, and dial-up is an easy target.

Anyway. We chose U.S. Cellular based on recommendations from several friends in this area. I bitched to the salesman about my dial-up service and he gave me a couple of options. But, seriously? All he really had to do was dangle a Smartphone in front of me to get me to use a cell phone as a modem, rather than a wireless card.

There was some concern about whether their software would work on my Mac (I don't have an Intel-based processor), but a call to tech support confirmed that it should.

And it does!

And, we're actually going to save money every month, and we have faster internet access to boot. (It's not lightning-fast, like my daughter's in Nashville, but it's pretty amazing after years of dial-up.) The true test will be whether the Genius feature works on iTunes, and how much time it takes to download a song. That used to be at least an hour-long exercise. I'll be happy with 10 minutes. (It takes 10 seconds at my daughter's; I don't expect that to happen, based on performance so far.)

I am One. Happy. Girl. Curves and all.


D said...

Isn't technology marvelous :) (especially when it works the way it's supposed to)

denise said...

That's great news! I was a long time hold out with dial-up - probably mostly because it gave me a good excuse not to be able to work effectively after hourse - but once I gave it up a few years ago, I can't imagine going back. In fact, just talked my mother into getting high speed so I could work easier when at her house.

Glad you found something that will make your life a little easier. Someday, maybe true high speed will come to the middle of nowhere! Who knows? Stranger things have happened.