Thursday, June 24, 2010

I may never eat again

Drug addicts frequently are stick-thin. Who has time to eat when you spend all your time looking for dope? And who has money for food when you give it all to the dope man? (Oh, the hits I'm gonna get from this post!)

Well, now I know why BlackBerry devices are, in some circles, called CrackBerry. I'm pretty good about eating something in the morning, but forget lunch and who cares about dinner?

My husband cares about dinner, that's who, so I had to back away from the phone and actually prepare food yesterday evening. (Grass-fed beef burgers mixed with pesto, homemade sourdough sandwich buns and a pasta salad dressed with lemon vinaigrette. With fresh peas from my garden!) As soon as the kitchen was cleaned up, though, I was back on the couch searching for apps.

SparkPeople has a BlackBerry app, which I've downloaded but haven't started using. I signed up for SP a long time ago and used it for a while. I soon discovered that I dislike being boxed in to a particular menu plan; it works better for me as simply a place to record what I've eaten. And because it was web-based, and I used to have dial-up (heh), I never used it. I found and bought a standalone program which I really like, but also haven't used in a while.

Research indicates that journaling – writing down what you eat and when you eat it – is among the most positive actions one can take to lose weight and then to maintain that loss. I've journaled off and on since 1973 (that's the first year I joined Weight Watchers), and found it very helpful.

At times, though, it's just One. More. Chore.

Maybe with the SP app, I'll be more likely to record my intake, which might, maybe, possibly lead to a reduction of poundage. I have maintained a 5.5-pound loss for about a month now, which is pretty miraculous. Because I haven't been journaling, though, I'm not sure why I've been able to maintain it. Embracing my inner geek might lead to some answers.

Maybe even a solution.

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