Monday, June 28, 2010

A picture is worth a thousand words

So this blog post must be pretty valuable. Heh.
The first two zucchini! They were delicious!
One of the squash rows, including butternut, Jack o' Lanterns and cushaw.
A baby spaghetti squash
Possibly my favorite vegetable: A row of edamame.
The first evidence of a Halloween pumpkin.
Tomatoes! Soon!
Cantaloupe! Not as soon as tomatoes!
The herb garden.
The garlic harvest. Some were huge, others were tiny.
Thank you for indulging me in an almost-wordless post this morning. I gotta go work in the garden before it gets too hot.


altopower said...

Wow! How gorgeous that all looks! I would say you're lucky, but then I remember how much work you put into it, and realize it's not about luck at all. You will truly eat the fruits (veggies) of your labors!

denise said...

Looks wonderful - and you are right, the pictures say more than you likely ever could have about how all your hard work is paying off.

I am really envious of your garden (but not at all of the work that goes into making it yield a crop).