Monday, July 26, 2010

Look! It's a cloud!

I totally stole this from D, and I love it! I kept hitting the random button until I got a color combo I liked, then printed it and it's hanging on the wall behind my monitor.

I love that the words "plan" and "like" pop out right away, while you have to look hard to find "work" and "project." Heh. "Energy" carries the same weight as "husband" and "marathon." There's certainly some hidden meaning there, eh? "Uninspired" and "inspired" are equal in size. Apparently they're equal in importance in my "life," which is the same size as "uninspired" and "inspired." And "comfortable," which is odd, because my life motto has always been "Comfort is my racket."

Wanna make your own Wordle? Go here.

We got some real clouds, along with real wind and real rain, yesterday afternoon – a welcome sight, indeed. Less than a quarter of an inch of rain, but enough to cool things off a bit. I was in the garden Saturday afternoon and was a sweaty mess after only 10 minutes of poking around. I have a row of new snow peas coming up that badly need weeding. Today's the day.

Mix clouds and rain with a hit of sunshine and what do you get? This!

It didn't last long, but kept getting stronger in intensity until all the colors – even the violet – showed up. I love how the sky above the arc is darker than it is below it. No Photoshopping involved. (And you can see from the state of the, um, lawn, how badly we needed that little bit of rain.)

Here's hoping your week is filled with rainbows. And just the right amount of rain. And a little less heat, while we're hoping.


Elora said...

Love your Wordle! Also your rainbow! I looked here for one, but none came our must have gotten the pot of gold, too!

denise said...

Great picture! You didn't mention if you went off to look for the pot of gold ... always thought it would be fun to chase that - and better yet to find it.

The Triple H weather of summer (Hot, Hazy, Humid) seems to have been taken to new heights this year. I'm ready for a break from it, but fear that it is a few more months in coming.

Love the Wordle. Think I'll try one soon.

D said...

Glad you liked the Wordle :)