Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mother and daughter are doing fine

Because our daughter-in-law's first pregnancy ended in a C-section (a foregone conclusion with triplets), the second one was, as well. No complications, everyone is fine. The baby weighed a healthy 7 lb. 8 oz.

All of our children are internet-shy when it comes to their children, so I don't post photos or name names. We love her name, and are looking forward to meeting her.

I got rained out of doing beet greens yesterday after the first batch. My porch isn't covered enough to work outside, and I don't have anywhere near the room I needed inside to sort a laundry basket full of greens! The rain was most welcome, though, after the last couple weeks of dry, hot weather, no one around here was cursing the rain.

I made a lovely batch of cottage cheese, which we'll have with dinner tonight. Also made chili for dinner, because on a coolish rainy day, chili just sounded good.

The garden is taking less and less hard physical labor these days, so I need to get my mind back into doing intentional activity. I guess. I'm going to take a walk this morning, probably five miles. I'd rather be pulling or pounding something, sweating with a purpose, but the only "job" I have to do today is update a business card design for a client and print a couple hundred. That's a sitting-on-my-ass job, not a make-me-sweat job.

Sorting beet greens is a sitting-on-my-ass job, as well. Making a five-mile walk all the more necessary for fitness and health. Weight loss? We'll see.

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